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The collection

The Francisco Pereira de Moura Library is ISEG's bibliographic resource centre. Owing to its history, rich content, the thematic diversity of its collection (encompassing all scientific areas), and the fact that it is constantly updated, this collection can be considered to be the most important University Library in the country in the fields of economics and business.

To search any publication, whatever the subject,  catalog queryis always recommended on the institutional website or, in case of difficulty, request support from the services. 

All publications made available in open access are classified according to the US Congress Library Classification Plan. 

 In the particular case of the ISEG Library, being the main collection of works in the areas of Economics, Finance, Management and related Social Sciences, almost all of the collection is classified as Class H – Social Sciences. A summary of the classification of this class (class H) is presented below.

H1-H99Social Sciences (General)2
HA1-HA4737Social Statistics (General)2
HB1-HB3840Economics-Economic Theory2
HC10-HC1085Economic History and Conditions (General)2
HD28-HD9999Economic History and Conditions-Sectors2
HE1-HE9900Transport and Communications2
HJ9-HJ9995Public finances3
HN1-HN991Social History, Social Conditions3
HQ1-HQ2044Family, Marriage, Women3
HS1-HS3369Associations, Societies3
HT51-HT1595Communities, Social Classes, Races3
HV1-HV9960Social Work, Social Pathology3
HX1-HX970.7Socialism, Communism, Anarchism3