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Programa de Doutoramento em História Económica e Social



Prof. Doutor  NUNO JOÃO DE OLIVEIRA VALÉRIO (Responsável)



Porquê no ISEG?

The PhD in Economic and Social History was created by Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 1991, and was subsequently adapted to European higher education in 2009. It is a 3 rd Cycle degree that aims to teach and produce original research in the eld of Economic History.

The degree aims to train specialists who have a high capacity of interpretation and response to the economic and social transformations over time and in the interaction between the chronological, geographical and social aspects of these transformations. 


A proposal regarding the research topic of the PhD thesis is presented by the candidate before an examination panel. A er being accepted for the programme, a supervisor is appointed, who tutors the student during the in-depth preparation of their thesis project during the 1 st Year of the programme. The thesis project is presented and discussed during the Research Seminar. At the end of the 1 st Year of the programme, a consolidated version of the thesis project is assessed by an examination panel appointed by the Programme Coordinator, which pronounces on its deliberations and may suggest alterations, or even recommend that the student abandon their studies. When the thesis project is accepted, it is then registered and the name of the supervisor is con rmed. The processes of preparing, researching and writing a thesis lasts for two academic years, according to the Rules and Regulations for ISEG PhD Programmes. 



Saídas Profissionais

Those who want an advanced education and who wish to carry out research with the aim of working in a highly quali ed position in the public sector, the private sector and the social economics sector, in the area of national and international development. Such roles include teaching and research, leadership and management of national and international organisations, consulting, training, research study and projects, journalism, planning, project development, and the design and evaluation of public policies and of social projects and policies. 

Regime de Funcionamento



1º Ano: 3000 euros

2ª Ano: 2000 euros

3º Ano: 2000 euros

 O programa de Doutoramento tem a duração de 3 anos. Por cada ano adicional o montante a liquidar é de 1.000,00 euros. 


  • Iniciais: 25