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ISEG is again a partner of Linking Up

ISEG is once again a partner of Linking UpOpen Innovation program in the Tourism sector.

This program, promoted by the Creative Territories and in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, ISEG, IDC Portugal, Lispolis and Saveas, aims to boost new disruptive tourism-based projects and stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The program aims to support 15 development projects for innovative solutions to increase the competitiveness of companies in the tourism sector. It is aimed at startups that have up to 7 years of existence and that meet the challenges of the program:
-sustainable management of the companies and the destination;
-enrichment and improvement of the tourist experience;
-promotion of intelligent and sustainable mobility;
-data-based management;
-optimizing the companies' business operations.

The Launch of the 2nd edition of the program will be on January 25th, at 6pm, with live broadcast from ISEG, on the Youtube channel of the Creative Territories.

Applications and more information about the program at