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PhD inManagement

The Doctoral Program in Management has as its main objective to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge about Business and Management and the tools, methodologies and strategies necessary for the development of research, in their specific area of interest, that is relevant to theory and practice. of management.

Study topics can be carried out in one of the five scientific areas of concentration: 

  • Accounting, Auditing and Taxation 
  • finance
  • Human Resources 
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Information Systems and Operations Management 
  • Strategic Management and Marketing

3 years
Afternoon and night
Initial Vacancies

International Partnerships


The PhD in Management has the collaboration of professors and researchers from several European and North American universities.

Academic Council

ISEG's membership in the Academic Council of the EIASM – European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, based in Brussels, which allows our PhD students to participate in international seminars, specifically designed for PhD students. These seminars are known for their quality and are a great help to students.


Students can also carry out part of their studies in foreign universities through the various exchange agreements with ISEG.

Funding Opportunities

PhD Scholarships

Candidates for the school's doctorates can apply for various grants, namely FCT grants (awarded by FCT or ISEG research centers) and, in some cases, ULisboa grants. The criteria, rules and regulations for applying for scholarships are detailed on our website.

Research Centres

In some cases, PhD students can enroll in projects hosted by research centers or be supported by them. For more information, contact the doctoral coordinator.

The PhD in Management at ISEG is a solid investment, boosted by experienced professors and excellent facilities. It takes a lot of work, but if you're brave enough to start this journey, with the right guidance, you're sure to excel.
Carlos Cabeleira
As an Accounting professor, the PhD at ISEG provided me with great tools to develop my research skills, mainly in terms of methodologies. x As an Accounting professor, the PhD at ISEG provided me with great tools to develop my research skills, mainly in terms of methodologies. In addition, the PhD gave me the opportunity to join a recognized research center – ADVANCE, which is helping to further boost my research.
Daniela Penela

Program Details

The Doctoral Program in Management is particularly interesting for those who wish to carry out advanced research in management in public or private institutions and intend to pursue a teaching career in higher education.

Study Methodology

The doctoral student must register his thesis project during the 2nd year of the Doctoral Program, summarizing the research topic and the name of the expected supervisor. The student must have obtained at least 40 credits in curricular units to register their thesis project. The thesis project must be submitted for defense by the end of the 2nd Year and be defended by the beginning of the 3rd Year. The thesis project is a crucial part of the research work.

The project must include:

  • The definition of the research question;
  • A review of the relevant literature;
  • The strategy for the subsequent investigation, including the techniques for data collection and analysis to be used;
  • A timeline of work already done, and yet to be done.

Upon receipt of the thesis project, the Program Coordinator will appoint an examination panel that will evaluate the project and its respective presentation and defense. Having evaluated the project, the examination panel issues its opinion on the thesis and may suggest amendments and a possible resubmission of the project, or even recommend its interruption. In addition, the doctoral student must also make a presentation on the current state of his research. This communication will take place during the second year of the programme, during one of the seminars organized by the Department of Management.


Year 1 - Semester 1TeacherCredits
StatisticsAmélia Bastos4
Research MethodsCarla Curado6
Advanced Topics in ManagementVitor da Conceicao Gonçalves8
Qualitative Research Techniques in ManagementRui Brites6
Quantitative Research Techniques in ManagementMaria Joao Guedes / Nuno Crespo6
Year 1 - Semester 2TeacherCredits
SeminarCarlos J. Costa4
Research Project DesignMargarida Duarte5
Research in Scientific Area of Specialization*21
year 2Credits
Thesis (Research Seminar)60
Year 3Credits
Thesis (Research Seminar)60
Scientific Areas of Specialization*TeacherCredits
Research in Accounting, Auditing and TaxationCristina Gaio Silva/ Maria João Guedes/ Sofia Lourenço21
Research in FinancePedro Verga Matos/ Tiago Gonçalves21
Research in Human Resources Management and Organizational BehaviorPaulo Lopes Henriques21
Research in Information Systems and Operations ManagementAntónio Palma dos Reis / Mario Caldeira21
Research in Strategic Management and MarketingJoão Mota21
3 years
Afternoon and night
Initial Vacancies

Admissions and Fees

Entry conditions and selection criteria

Students are welcome to apply for a PhD in Management:

  • Graduates with a master's degree, or equivalent;
  • Graduates with a Bachelor's degree who have a special academic scientific relevance that recognizes their ability to enter the next cycle of study.

Applications are made online and must include, among other documents:

  • Bachelor's and Master's certificates;
  • A thesis project proposal of up to 2,000 words;
  • CV

tuition fees

1st year2nd – 3rd Year4th – 6th Year
€ 3,000€ 2,000€ 1,000

The PhD program lasts for 3 years. For each additional year the amount to be settled is 1,000.00 euros. 

3 years
Afternoon and night
Initial Vacancies
Accreditation & Partnerships