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Seminars and Conferences

Seminar | Capital Markets by Design?

14 March from 18:00 to 20:00
ISEG, Novo Banco Lecture Theatre (Quelhas)

The seminar on "Capital Markets by Design? Financial Development Planning in Southeast Asia", with guest researchers Lena Rethel (University of Warkwick) and Luís Pais Bernardo (CEsA/ISEG) will be held on the 14th March

The seminar will start at 18.00, in the Novo Banco Lecture Theatre (Quelhas, 4th Floor).

This seminar is part of the Development Studies seminar series organised by CESA , in conjunction with the coordinators of the Masters in Development and International Cooperation and the PhD in Development Studies.

Free admission, subject to prior registration on this LINK.

Consult the programme for the complete Development Studies seminar series HERE.