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Cultural events

Antena 2 Concert | Jonathan Silva

14 March from 19:00 to 20:00
ISEG, CGD Auditorium (Quelhas)

Jonathan Silva, a percussionist whose specialisation is a repertoire for vibraphone and the development of chamber music projects, will be at ISEG on the 14th March for an Antena 2 concert, recorded live from ISEG.

Imagination is the motto of this concert. In what ways does imagination lead us down new paths? How is it capable of drawing new routes and conceiving new destinations? And how do the imaginations of each of us relate to the contexts proposed by the composers of each of the pieces we are going to hear?

This concert evokes different imaginary scenes, such as childhood and its relationship with the darkness of the night, evoked in 'Lullaby's Darkness', or the mythology evoked in 'The Liberation of Sisyphus'.

See the concert programme HERE.

Free admission, subject to the auditorium's capacity.