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Lectures, Debates, Presentations

Human Library | Women Rights in the Eyes of a Refugee

06 Dec from 17:00 to 18:00
Amphitheater 4 (Ed. Quelhas)

The Erasmus Student Network organizes on December 6, at ISEG, an informal session on refugees that aims to share stories by people who have experienced the topic under discussion in the first person and the contact of listeners with a reality that they are not used to. All this so that the experiences of some serve as learning for others and in the end prejudice is fought. 

If you want to get to know someone else's book and walk through the pages of their own story, this event is what you're looking for!

In our human library, the books are human beings and the pages are their everyday lives. Hear what those dealing with discrimination and social stereotypes have to say from their point of view and ask questions about what it's like to live in their shoes.

And let's talk about women's rights in the world. How we are the link of change.

The session starts at 17:00 in Amphitheater 4 (Ed. Quelhas, 4th floor).

Free entry, subject to room capacity.