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Institutional Events

Diploma Award Ceremonies | Master's Degrees

04 Dec / 06 Dec from 10:00 to 00:00
CGD Auditorium (Ed. Quelhas)


On December 4 & 6, 2017, the Diploma Awarding Sessions will be held for ISEG Master's graduates from the 2016-17 academic year, who completed their master's degree between 01/08/2016 and 30/09/2017. 

To take part in the event, you must register by  November 24, 2017


December 4th | 6:30pm | AUD CGD
December 6th | 6:30pm | AUD CGD
Actuarial Science 
Business Sciences 
Contabilidade, Fiscalidade e Finanças Empresariais 
Development and International Cooperation 
Applied Econometrics and Forecasting 
Economics and Public Policy
International Economics and European Studies 
Economics, Science, Technology and Innovation Management 
Project Management 
Mathematical Finance 
Métodos Quantitativos para a Decisão Económica e Empresarial 
Monetary & Financial Economics 
Human Resources Management 
Information Systems Management 
Real Estate Management and Appraisal 
Management and Industrial Strategy 




> Registration


> Registration

Important notes To receive your Diploma at this session, you must apply to the Masters and Doctorates Secretariat by November 10, 2017.
Registration for this session is not a substitute for requesting a diploma from the Secretariat.
If you attend the session and have not requested the diploma, you will be called up to the stage, but you will receive a letter signed by the President of ISEG, which does not replace the diploma.
The Diploma can only be picked up by the individual or, in duly justified cases, by a member of the household.
If you have already applied for your diploma, please ignore this information.
Check-in for the event starts at 18:00.

Congratulations to all graduates.