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Library User Training | Orbis and Transfer Pricing + IP Royalties Use Case

01 Apr from 18:00 to 19:00

We invite you to take part in an online webinar onOrbis and Transfer Pricing + IP Royalties Use Case", on the 1st of April, from 18.00 to 19.00.

The training will be delivered in English.

This training is free and is designed for Masters and PhD students, faculty, and researchers.

Free registration ON THIS LINK.


Orbis Workshop
Trainer: Joaquim Henriques - Assistant Director of Government and Education at Moody's analytics in Iberia)
- Search an individual company
- Search for a group of companies
- Boolean Search Strategies
- Construct a personalised List View
- Quick Overview of a Complete Book
- Setting Alerts
- Setting Peer Groups
- Analytics Tools
- Building Custom Variables
- Exporting Results
Transfer Pricing + IP Royalties Use Case (Optional)
Trainer: Alexis Tsitrimbinis - Product Manager - Strategy
- Introduction to Streamlining Transfer Pricing Analysis
- Inclusion Criteria for Data
- Selection and Loading/Creation of Analysis
- Selection of Release and Scope
- Selection or Creation of Controlled Transaction
- Search for Potential Comparables
- Listing Results and Screening Steps
- Manual Review of Royalty Agreements
- Benchmark Analysis: a. Interquartile Range Analysis b. Selection of Remuneration by Level and Percentage Basis
- Saving and Exporting Full Analysis
- Loading and Updating Past Analysis

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