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Talk | Less Than 1%

08 Nov from 12:00 to 13:00
Auditorium 3 (Ed. Quelhas)

On the 8th November, with the support of CEsA – Centre for African and Development Studies, a talk , ISEG will host a talk on "Less Than 1%", an initiative which is an integral part of the Entrepreneurship course unit.

The keynote speaker, Fernando Cabral, Managing Partner & Chief Venture Officer from Djassi Africa, will present Djassi Africa's approach and framework for increasing diversity and equity in innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.
Djassi Africa operates mainly in Africa, with a special focus on the PALOP countries, and in Europe, with an agenda of diversity and equity for innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Professor Eduardo Morais Sarmento, Chair of CEsA and Coordinator of the Masters in Development and International Cooperation from ISEG, will give a short talk on the main topic, based on his vast professional experience in projects in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

After the speakers' talks there will be a time for Q&A and sharing experiences.

This initiative is open to the wider community.

Poster HERE.