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VII Portugal/Brazil Seminar "Internationalization of Companies

Nov 17 from 09:00 to 09:01
ISEG, Salão Nobre

UFMG Rector photoThe VII Portugal/Brazil Seminar - Internationalization of Companies, organized and held annually by the two institutions behind it, the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the Higher Institute of Economics and Management of the Technical University of Lisbon, will take place at the ISEG on November 17th.

The Portugal/Brazil Seminar is one of the most obvious facets of a solid internationalization project resulting from the agreement between the two universities, which has been in force since July 2004, aimed at intense and multifaceted scientific cooperation, through which there has been a wide exchange, especially in terms of master's degrees, doctorates and publications on the important subject of Luso-Brazilian relations.

Its main purpose is to discuss the dynamics of the internationalization of companies between the two countries, as well as the more general aspects of cooperation within the framework of the regional integration spaces in which each is located, focusing in particular on bilateral investments within the general framework of economic relations over the last decade and the prospects for the future.

Registration until November 11th to:
DMRE - International Relations Office
Filomena Ferreira

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