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Seminários e Conferências

ISEG Research Seminar | Thomas Siedler

15 Nov from 13:00 to 14:00
ISEG, Sala Santander Totta (Edifício Quelhas)

No dia 15 de novembro, Thomas Siedler (Universidade de Potsdam) apresenta no ISEG o estudo “A Library in the Palm of your Hand? A Reading  Intervention with Low-Income Children”

Entrada livre.


Children from disadvantaged households read less than their non-disadvantaged peers. Reading skills play a vital role in academic success and future educational attainment. We evaluate the impact of a randomized reading intervention on children from disadvantaged backgrounds in grades five and six. The intervention involves distributing e-readers with access to a large library of age-appropriate books. The results indicate that children who received e-readers read more frequently, leading to improved academic achievement, particularly in reading comprehension and math. The study also explores the impact on non-cognitive skills and emotional well-being. Findings suggest that the intervention benefits children with comparatively fewer disadvantages.