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Special Regimes

The following are higher education application regimes for students with specific qualifications and conditions


The number of vacancies for admission of students under the special regimes for access and admission to higher education is defined by order of the member of the Government responsible for the area of higher education, up to a limit of 5% of the maximum number of admissions for each study cycle.

Who can apply?

Students can apply for the special regimes:

a) Portuguese officials of a Portuguese diplomatic mission abroad and their accompanying family members;

b) Portuguese scholarship holders abroad, Portuguese civil servants on official missions abroad and Portuguese officials from European Union (EU) institutions and their accompanying family members;

c) Military personnel of the Armed Forces in permanent service and under a special contract for the provision of military service;

d) National scholarship holders from Portuguese-speaking African countries;

e) Foreign officials from diplomatic missions accredited to Portugal and their family members residing here, on a reciprocal basis;

f) High-performance sports practitioners;

g) Nationals of East Timor.

Where do you apply?

Applicants for Regimes A, B, C, E and F must submit their application on the online platform for special regimes by the deadline set in the calendar.

Applications for special regimes D and G must be submitted to the embassy of the respective country in Portugal.


1 - In one academic year, each candidate may only apply through one of the special schemes provided for in this decree-law.

2 - Holders of a Portuguese or foreign academic degree may not apply through the special schemes provided for in this decree-law.