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Re-admission application

Students who drop out from their studies for a minimum period of one Academic Year, or those who have requested that their registration be annulled, should proceed with an application for re-admission, should they decide to take up their studies again.

The period stipulated for the Re-admission application is posted every year in the  important deadlines.

Re-admission fee - 60 euros.

For the 2024/2025 school year: June 1 to 30, 2024

To submit your application, please follow these steps:

Fenix Login >> “Applicant” tab >> in “Open Applications” in the “Master Readmission” option click on “+ Create” >> Select the course you were registered for readmission.

Documents to be submitted upon re-admission:

  • ID card (or update personal details on the Fenix portal)
  • Copy of degree certificate with final average
  • Updated CV

The application for re-entry is analyzed by the coordination of the respective master's degree program, which will issue its opinion, indicating which credits have been awarded and which course units students must complete.

Tuition fees will depend on the number of credits enrolled. See tuition fees.

If you need new access credentials to the academic portal, you should request them via email: