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PhD applications

PhD applications are made exclusively to online through the ISEG website.

The application fee is 100 euros per course.

School Year Calendar 2024/2025

Application Calendar 2024/2025:

1st phase December 4th to
January 31st
until February 13th10 days in a row after
approval of candidacy   
2nd phaseFebruary 1st to
April 1st
until April 12th10 days in a row after
approval of candidacy   
3rd phaseApril 2nd to
May 15th
 until May 28th10 days in a row after
approval of candidacy   

* Applications that have not been accepted or rejected may be carried forward to the next stage, subject to the number of vacancies stipulated by the respective coordinator for each stage and provided they meet the required conditions. 

International applications:

International students (from outside Europe) are not recommended to apply in the 3rd phase due to the time it takes to obtain a visa.

Brazilian applicants must have their documents notarized (in Brazil) so that the Hague Apostille can be placed on them, see information here.

The originals of international diplomas must be presented to the academic services as soon as they arrive in Portugal and no later than 15/10/2024.

In cases where the visa is granted after the start of classes, the tuition fee for the first year must be paid in full. If you cancel your enrolment, article 10 of the doctoral tuition fee regulations applies. 

Documentation to be submitted at the time of application:

  • Photo;
  • Identification document (Citizen Card/Passport);
  • Bachelor's and Master's degree certificates with final average;
  • History of curricular units;
  • Motivation letter
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation *
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Thesis Project (Mandatory document. There is no structural model for the project, but a brief description of the topic and bibliography of the topic you intend to investigate)
  • Certificate of knowledge of English or Portuguese (Minimum level: B2 1) for applicants to courses taught in English or Portuguese (except national, Palop and Brazilian applicants). **

1 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Self-assessment grid

* The two letters of recommendation are mandatory for the PhD in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management (MAEG) must be written by researchers working in one of the scientific areas of the program. These letters should be sent by the authors to and they should:

- mention when and in what capacity the researcher interacted with you;
- to comment on their academic qualities;
- refers to the researcher's perception of their ability to work independently and produce research at doctoral level;
- contain the name, institution and position held by the researcher writing the letter.

** This document is not compulsory, but it is the applicant's responsibility to have a minimum knowledge of the language in which the course is taught (minimum level B2).

Application validation: 

In order for your application to be validated and to be considered by the Doctoral Coordination, you must:

  • Pay the application fee (100 euros for each PhD you are applying for)
  • Correctly submit all the documents requested in the point above.

NOTE: Payment of the application fee and submission of documents must be made by the last day of the application phase. After this date, the application will not be validated.

You can also consult the curricular program, important dates, timetables, who it is aimed at, objectives, doctorate regulations, tuition fees, school calendar and other important information on the ISEG.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

According to article no. 1, paragraph 3 of the doctoral regulationsThe scientific committee of each doctoral program (as defined in article 10) is responsible for giving a favorable opinion on the admission of candidates, taking into account their curriculum vitae, particularly with regard to their qualifications and respective classifications, and any interviews or special tests. The proposal to admit candidates for each master's degree is subject to approval by the president of the scientific council."


  1. Payment of the first installment (700.00€) is made at registration (deductible from the total amount of the 1st Year). This payment guarantees occupancy of the place and must be paid in full by the deadline.
  2. Registration implies payment of the first installment by the deadline stipulated for this purpose.
  3. Withdrawal from registration does not exempt you from the payment referred to in the previous point, unless communicated by the deadline for payment.
  4. The tuition fees should be consulted beforehand. 

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