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Artigo de professora do ISEG publicado na “Review of Economics of the Household” – ISI Economics Journal List

Foto Prof.ª Elsa FontainhaFoi publicado na Review of Economics of the Household (Dezembro 2010) o artigo "Children's and parents' time use: empirical evidence on investment in human capital in France, Germany and Italy" da autoria de Elsa Fontainha, Professora Auxiliar do Departamento de Economia do ISEG. O artigo foi elaborado em co-autoria com Ana Rute Cardoso (IAE-CSIC Higher Council of Scientific Research, Barcelona e IZA-Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn) e Chiara Monfardini (University of Bologna, CHILD Torino e IZA Bonn).

Abstract: We model time allocation choices by youngsters into activities related to the acquisition of human capital: study time, but also socialization, which can enhance personal interaction skills. Using multi-member household time use micro data, we run fractional regression and double hurdle models, providing new empirical evidence for France, Germany and Italy on the link between time allocation by parents and by youngsters, a channel disregarded in the literature on parental investment in children. Our results on the association between parents' and children's time use are consistent with different mechanisms: parental role model, intergenerational transmission of preferences, or network effects. Keywords: Study time; Socializing; Networking; Youth; Intergenerational transmission of preferences; Fractional regression models; Double hurdle models

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