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Physical and Sensorial Deficiency Link

Those studentswho have a Physical or Sensorial Deficiency , are covered by Decree-Law 3/2008 of the 7 th of January.

The status is obtained on submission to the Undergraduate Office, at the time of enrolment, of a medical certificate confirming the existence of a deficiency, together with the written request, which should be addressed to the respective Management Board, requesting the attribution of the eligible benefits .

The benefits include:

  • On a case by case basis, the possibility to benefit from the adoption of measures necessary for minimising the disadvantages of the disability, by order of the Chairman of the Management Board;
  • The eligibility to sit for a maximum of up to four exams for enrolled subjects during the special exam period.
To apply for enrolment in the special exam period, it is obligatory to submit the respective requisition to the Undergraduate Office, within the stipulated period.
ULIsboa Regulations