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Information about COVID-19 prevention measures when taking in-person exams at ISEG

In-person exams will be held according to the best practices in force at ISEG in the scope of COVD-19 prevention measures. The classrooms allocated to the exams have a capacity adjusted to the COVID-19 reality and the ventilation and cleaning procedures will be maintained and even reinforced.

The general rules to keep in mind are:

- It is mandatory for all members of the academic community and users to wear masks in ISEG's facilities;

- Mandatory hand disinfection at the entrance of all buildings;

- Compliance with DGS recommendations regarding disinfection with disinfectant solution and hand washing;

- Compliance with the rules of social distancing and in all ISEG spaces;

- Maintenance of the Procedures that are in the Contingency Plan of the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão for the prevention of human coronavirus infection transmission (COVID-19)This is especially important for the issues of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of the spaces and the functioning of the isolation room, and the procedures to follow when faced with a suspected case;

- When you enter the ISEG rooms, the places where you can't sit are already marked to ensure distance.

If you are a student It is also important to mention that when you go to ISEG to take the exam you must pay attention to the rules that are on the ISEG website and the notices and indications posted on the premises:

- It is mandatory to wear a mask in ISEG's facilities;

- Mandatory hand disinfection at the entrance of all buildings;

- Compliance with the rules of social distancing;

- Compliance with the rules of respiratory etiquette;

- No staying inside the buildings beyond the time strictly necessary;

- Entering and leaving the room marked for the exam should be done while ensuring social distancing;

- A few minutes before the exam time you should proceed to the room marked for the exam and should access it immediately minimizing time spent in the hallways.

- Compliance with the rules of occupying the spaces by not using the places marked as unavailable;

- Once you have taken your seat in the exam room, you are not allowed to change seats.

If you are a teacher The following should be kept in mind:

- If the exam is to be held in more than one room, you should, as far as possible, inform students which room they should go to. To do this, it is advisable to allocate students by room and to disclose this information to students in advance on AQUILA;

- You should avoid doing the roll call at the entrance of the room to avoid unnecessary accumulations of people. Confirmation of the student's presence and identification should be done with the student seated in the classroom;

- Regarding the reservation period of the exam papers before they are distributed to the students, it should be noted that the DGS says that the handling of the paper does not imply an additional high risk. It should also be noted that it will be handled before being handed to the student by a very limited number of people and at least 24 hours before being distributed. Therefore, we advise, if possible, that the tasks of reproducing and packaging the exam paper be completed no later than 48h before the exam takes place;

- For the collected exams, and although on paper handling it is said that it does not involve a high additional risk, teachers are advised, if possible, to keep the exams stored for 48h until handling them.

For any further questions, please contact the Administrator's Office (