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ISEG's 1st year students gather more than 100kg of essential goods in a solidarity action

As part of the Mentorship Program, ISEG carried out a solidarity initiative to collect essential goods and products.

During the first two weeks of December, 1st year undergraduate students and mentors were responsible for the solidary collection of goods that went to Center for the Support of the Homeless (CASA)in Lisbon. CASA's areas of operation are primary support for homeless people, families at risk and families in need, and the Christmas season is a time when help is even more essential.

This is the second year that ISEG is associated with this cause, through the Mentorship Program, also counting on the support of the ISEG's Students Association.

This year more than 100 kg of essential goods were collected, from canned goods, pasta, rice, milk, hygiene products and also some clothes and blankets. This aid represents a small contribution, given the growing number of requests and critical situations in the Greater Lisbon region, but it is always carried out with the greatest commitment and dedication by our students and the entire ISEG community.