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PhD student in PÚBLICO's "Tell us your Science"

The researcher and student of the PhD programme in Development Studies, Ana Luisa Silva, is highlighted in the rubric of the newspaper PÚBLICO "Tell us your Science" with the article "Why NGOs decide to innovate". The article discusses how crises, whether economic, social or democratic, serve as a driver for NGO innovation. Read the article here.

The rubric "Tell us your science" aims to share with the readers of PÚBLICO a short text about the topics that the PhD students of the University of Lisbon, of any year, are investigating.

PhD students of the University of Lisbon can send their text to until the end of 2023. All those who submit texts receive a one-month subscription to PÚBLICO.

To participate, students need to submit:

  • Text of max. 3000 characters (including spaces), with title + input (max. 200 characters) + main text
  • Illustrative photograph of the work (horizontal)
  • Student's photo
  • Email + phone

For more information and for revision and editing of the texts, feel free to contact Professor Ana Mountinho, via e-mail