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Awards and Distinctions

ISEG goes up in the Eduniversal Ranking

At the moment, 13 of ISEG's degrees are represented in this ranking, together with the MBA and the Postgraduation in Real Estate Management and Valuation.

This year's highlights include the increase of the ranking of Mathematical Finance (up 33 places, to become the 2nd-ranked degree in Portugal in this subject), the Masters in Management (MiM) (up 20 places, to become the 3rd-ranked degree in Portugal in the subject), the Masters in Industrial Strategy (up 7 places), Business Sciences (up 5 places), and Actuarial Science (up 3 places, to become the 1st-ranked degree in Portugal in this subject).

Some courses achieved their best ever positions in the ranking: Actuarial Science (10th), Masters in Management (13th), Management and Information Systems (16th), Quantitative Methods for Economic and Business Decision Making (18th), International Economics and European Studies (24th), currently in 3rd place nationally (Western Europe), Data Analytics for Business (25th), Mathematical Finance (27th), Human Resources Management (28th), Marketing (29th), Accounting, Taxation and Corporate Finance (39th), Management and Industrial Strategy (42nd), Business Sciences (46th).

When examining the competition in depth, we can see that Actuarial Science is now the best degree in the subject in Portugal, while Real Estate Management and Valuation, Management and Industrial Strategy, Mathematical Finance and the MBA are all ranked in 2nd place in Portugal!