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Launching and Presentation of Books

Presentation of the book - Capitalism and Crises, by Colin Mayer

12 Apr from 17:30 to 19:00
ISEG, Auditorium 4 (Novo Quelhas)

On the 12th April, Colin Mayerprofessor emeritus at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Said Business School (Oxford University) of which he is founder and former Dean, presents his most recent work at ISEG Capitalism and Crises: How to Fix Them, which was published on the 11th January, 2024.

Capitalism and Crises provides an inspiring and motivating roadmap on how we, as professionals, policy-makers, consumers, workers, communities, students and citizens of the world, can jointly tackle the challenges of the 21st century - to thrive and survive.

The book presents a profoundly new approach to analysing the failures of capitalism, providing fundamental information for business practice, public policy, academic research and teaching. It offers an international scope, a factual basis, and practical examples of problems and solutions that are accessible, applicable and convincing. It includes comprehensive, multidisciplinary analyses that are intellectually stimulating and relevant to a wide readership

Colin Mayer is currently a member of ISEG's International Advisory Councilwhich assists the Dean define the school's international strategy.

The book presentation takes place at 17.30 in Auditorium 4 (Novo Quelhas).