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Artigo de Professora do ISEG publicado na revista Advances in Complex Systems

Foi aceite para publicação na revista científica Advances in Complex Systems o artigo com o título "Opinion dynamics and communication networks", da autoria da Professora Tanya Araújo,

Investigadora da UECE e Professora Catedrática do ISEG. O artigo foi elaborado em co-autoria com Sven Banisch,da Faculty of Media, Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany), e Jorge Louçã, do Laboratory of Agent Modelling (LabMAg), do ISCTE (Portugal).

Abstract: This paper examines the interplay of opinion exchange dynamics and communication network formation. An opinion formation procedure is introduced which is based on an abstract representation of opinions as k-dimensional bit-strings. Individuals interact if the difference in the opinion strings is below a defined similarity threshold dI. Depending on dI, different behavior of the population is observed: low values result in a state of highly fragmented opinions and higher values yield consensus. The first contribution of this research is to identify the values of parameters dI and k, such that the transition between fragmented opinions and homogeneity takes place. Then, we look at this transition from two perspectives: first by studying the group size distribution and second by analyzing the communication network that is formed by the interactions that take place during the simulation. The emerging networks are classified by statistical means and we find that nontrivial social structures emerge from simple rules for individual communication. Generating networks allows to compare model outcomes with real-world communication patterns.