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Tuition Fees

Invoices and Receipts

For receipts issued in the name of other entities (other than students):

If you would like the receipt to be issued in the name of another entity (company, family members, etc.), please inform us by email (, the following data for issuing the invoice:

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • Name of Entity (Complete);
  • Taxpayer's country;
  • Address (complete);
  • Postal code;
  • Postal code locality;
  • Parish;
  • Council;
  • District.

Payment can only be made after confirmation by our services.


Invoices and receipts for tuition fees are generally issued using the data provided by the student on the Fenix portal.

If the student wants the invoices and respective receipts to be issued in the name of another entity, they should follow the procedure described above.

Once the invoice and receipt have been issued, no changes can be made to them.

Fenix Portal

  • For your convenience, you can check your tuition fee payment plan online.
  • To do this, you must access the Fenix Portal, in the "Student" tab, select the "View Account" option in the left-hand side menu "Consult".

Specific Payment Plan

A specific tuition fee payment plan may be established, at the student's reasoned request, under the following conditions:

  • The student must submit their specific request for payment before the end of the payment period for each installment, by means of a request addressed to the President of ISEG, and this request is subject to due proof and assessment of the economic difficulties alleged, analysis of the history of tuition fees and support obtained;
  • The specific payment plan approved may not exceed the end of the school year;
  • Students who are on a tuition fee payment plan and who communicate their intention to cancel their enrolment/enrolment will have their tuition fee payment plan cancelled and will therefore be obliged to pay the tuition fee installments already due at the time of the request to cancel their enrolment/enrolment and, consequently, the additional fees due and interest on arrears at the legal rate. This information does not dispense with the need to read the tuition fees regulations.
  • Specific payment plans will not be authorized for students who have defaulted on previous plans.

Late Payments

If you do not pay any installment within the set deadlines, you will incur an increase that includes an Administrative Fee in the amount of €40 and interest at the legal rate in force, as provided for in the Fee Regulations.