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School calendar

Undergraduates, Master's and PhDs

1st semester
Welcome week (Masters & PhDs)04/09/202308/09/2023
Masters and PhDs graduation ceremony *08/09/2023
Welcome week (undergraduates) *11/09/202315/09/2023
Masters and PhD lectures **11/09/202307/12/2023
Undergraduates Lectures18/09/202315/12/2023
Undergraduates Graduation Ceremony*29/09/2023
Opening ceremony of the school year*04/10/2023
Career Forum08/11/202309/11/2023
Discussion of MFW (masters final work) ***11/12/202315/12/2023
Christmas Holidays18/12/202302/01/2024
Regular Assessment Period03/01/202423/01/2024
Repeat Assessment Period29/01/202403/02/2024
2nd semester
Carnival Holidays12/02/202413/02/2024
Easter Holidays25/03/202401/04/2024
ISEG Day23/05/2024
Regular Assessment Period27/05/202419/06/2024
Repeat Assessment Period24/06/202429/06/2024
Special Assessment Period02/09/202407/09/2024

Last updated: December 02, 2022. Calendar subject to updates.

* Subject to confirmation.

** With the exception of the Master's in Management, which starts classes on September 4th.

*** Preferential and non-compulsory week; exams may be scheduled for another date and in accordance with the legal deadline.

1st semester02/09/202411/01/2025
Welcome week02/09/202406/09/2024
Lectures *09/09/202429/11/2024
Masters and PhDs Graduation Ceremony **26/09/2024
Undergraduates Graduation Ceremony **27/09/2024
Career Forum ***06/11/202407/11/2024
Regular Assessment Period05/12/202421/12/2024
Christmas Holidays22/12/202405/01/2025
Repeat Assessment Period06/01/202511/01/2025
2nd semester27/01/202507/06/2025
Carnival Holidays01/03/202504/03/2025
Easter Holidays12/04/202521/04/2025
Regular Assessment Period07/05/202522/05/2025
ISEG Day23/05/2025
Repeat Assessment Period02/06/202507/06/2025
Special Assessment Period30/06/202505/07/2025

* With the exception of the Master's in Management, which starts classes on September 2nd.

** Subject to confirmation.

*** Classes continue to run without interruption.

Last updated: February 21, 2024. Calendar subject to updates.