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Awards and Distinctions

ISEG consolidates its presence in the Financial Times Rankings for Masters in Finance after its debut in 2020

ISEG’s Masters in Finance is ranked 35th in the world, being the Portuguese school that provides the largest salary increases for graduates, whilst offering the best cost/benefit ratio.

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management is once again present in the Financial Times Rankings, the most relevant international ranking for Business Schools.

This is the second time that ISEG has been included in these rankings, after its debut last year.

The Financial Times rankings table highlights that ISEG’s Master’s degree provides the 5th largest salary increase in the world (+77%) and the 8th best cost-benefit ratio, which enables graduates to quickly fully achieve a return on their academic investment. Indeed, this occurs even quicker than in the case of graduates from HEC Paris, which tops the ranking for the third consecutive time.

According to Clara Raposo, the Dean of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management, “It is fantastic to witness international recognition for the tremendous quality of our programme. Congratulations to ISEG”. She then goes on to add, “ISEG’s debut in the FT rankings in 2020 was a moment of special pride …. and yet this was no fluke ….. for here we are again!”. “We continue to carry out our tireless work to ensure that we attract the best students, from both Portugal and around the world, and that we educate them to be wise professionals for leading the economy of the future….. always bold, with lots of originality”, she concludes.

The level of satisfaction among graduates with the School’s career services – counselling, the organisation of events, personal development, and the sourcing of internships and recruitment opportunities all position ISEG’s Careers Office as being ranked the best in Portugal and the 12th best worldwide. ISEG also obtained the second best rating in Portugal (9.06 out of 10) in terms of satisfaction, but this time for the overall evaluation of the programme, which is significantly better than the total average of the ranking, which stands at 8.91.  

The gender balance at ISEG is also highlighted in this edition, especially for offering the programme with the largest proportion of female students in Portugal (44%) and also for being one of the schools with the highest representation of women on its Advisory Board (56%).

Three more Portuguese schools were included in this ranking apart from ISEG: Nova SBE and Católica SBE, which maintained their positions in the Top 30, and also Iscte Business School, which entered the ranking at No. 51. Just as in 2020, this edition of the rankings englobes 55 schools, which are classified according to the scores achieved for 17 different indicators.

About the Financial Times Rankings.

The FT Rankings are published by the Financial Times, comprising various lists that rank the best management programmes available. Seven rankings of programmes are published annually, namely: Global MBA, Executive MBA, Masters in Management, Masters in Finance, Executive Education, and Online MBAs. At the end of the year, a ranking of the best European management schools is also published. The interactive ranking tables made available by FT Rankings enables one to search by school, with the ability to sort by selection criteria and location.

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