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Undergraduate Degree in Economics


Coordenadores 2021/2022

Profª. Doutora  PATRICIA SOFIA COELHO DE MELO (Responsável)




Undergraduate Degree in English 

Useful Information 



Undergraduate Degree in English 

Useful Information 

Porquê no ISEG?

ISEG´s Bachelor degree in Economics combines three essential elements for the education of an economist, in a unique way:


-  solid background in economic theory;


-  high degree of interdisciplinary learning in complementary fields to Economics (Management, Mathematics, Law, Sociology and History);


- mastering the analytical tools of economic reality.


The combination of these three elements, as well as the fact that students have the possibility to choose elective course units to strengthen their areas of personal interest, means that the ISEG degree in Economics has a high standard of quality, which is widely recognized by the market, where our graduates easily find employment with both private and public sectors.


The main objective of the degree in Economics is to train critical thinking professionals who are able to lead and develop evaluation and management of economic affairs in different types of organizations in the economic, financial, and business worlds.


In addition to essential education in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, this degree provides education opportunities in complementary areas which are fundamental to economists, such as Management, Mathematics, History, Law, and Sociology.


During the last two semesters of the degree, students can deepen their learning of more specific subject areas of economic theory and policy through the choice of elective units.


The degree in Economics at ISEG also encourages students to develop research and teamwork skills, both essential for their future professional life.

Saídas Profissionais

ISEG graduates leave university prepared to succeed in both the national and international job market. This is confirmed by the surveys we regularly carry out with recent ISEG graduates, which show a rapid and effective integration into working life: about 35% of students are offered a job before they graduate, and at least 90% are employed 6 months after graduating.


At ISEG, we give priority to student career development, providing students with the most appropriate skills for carrying out their activity in a variety of career opportunities.

ISEG graduates find jobs in the main sectors of the economic, financial, and business worlds, particularly in the following sectors:


- Banking

- Insurance

- Auditing and consulting

- International economic and financial organisations

- Management of industrial and service companies

- National or local government

- Research and teaching


Active Life Insertion Survey - Degree in Economics

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