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Master in Management Information Systems


Coordinators 2020/2021




Why choose ISEG?

In a context where Information Systems and Technologies are a key factor in the competitiveness and success of organizations, the ability to be able to understand these resources and to know how to manage them is critical. The Master in Information Systems Management provides a rigorous and challenging training in the area of Information Systems and Technologies.

This programme intends to train managers with high competence in the areas of planning, analysis, development and security of organizational information systems. The professional nature of the program allows extending the career prospects of the students, as well the development of scientific and technical potential in the area of information systems.

Aiming to enhance the experience of students at this program, there is a possibility, with an additional payment of € 500.00 (which includes program tuition, travel and accommodation with breakfast included), to participate in an initiation program to SAP. This program is taught at the University HTW Saar, Saarbrücken, Germany, and includes visits to SAP and their partner companies, in a one-week trip (*)

If you have a robust bachelor degree in economics or management, engineering, mathematics or another compatible area, and if you want to develop a career in this field, then this is the right master for you.

We look forward to seeing you in the next edition of the Master in Information Systems Management!
The Coordination Team,  
António Palma dos Reis, Winnie Picoto and Jesualdo Fernandes
(*) The SAP program may take place during the first or the second year of the master's degree, depending on partner availability. The total number of participants per session is limited and the program may be canceled if there are not sufficient registrations.




To aid students obtain high technical competencies in the following domains:
i) Information systems planning;
ii) Adequate tool selection when developing Information systems;
iii) Management of the development process, implementation, integration and establishment of information security protocols in information systems.

Besides the technological aspects, the course includes training in relevant areas, aiding professionals in their perception and actuation in an organizational context.

Designed For

Graduates that wish to complement and deepen first-cycle education and/or obtain a professional specialisation in the area of information systems management, and potentiate employment opportunities and career prospects.


This Masters exposes its graduates to a wide range of career opportunities, some of a more technical nature, and others more related to areas of management.  It should be highlighted that the employment rate of the previous editions has been approximately 100%.

The main career opportunities are in the areas of information systems implementation consulting, strategic consulting for information and communication technologies, digital marketing, and CRM for companies of the finance and technological sectors, and also services in general.

Those students who wish to acquire professional experience, can do so through opting to carry out the Masters Final Work in the form of an internship with well-known companies with whom ISEG has agreements, which includes the submission of a performance report.


Lectures are taught during normal hours.

Tuition Fees


1º ano - €3900   
2º ano - €2000 

Total -     €5900



1º ano -  €4750   
2º ano - €2500

Total -     €7250


Propinas provisórias para 2020/21, carecendo de confirmação pelos órgãos estatuariamente superiores da Universidade de Lisboa.

Numerus Clausus

  • Total: 30