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Awards and Distinctions

ISEG student wins 3rd place in the national final of the Global Management Challenge

The national phase of the Global Management Challenge took place on the 22nd February. After an intense day's work, the eight teams that had made it through to the national final once again had to manage a company to the best of their capabilities. They had to make five decisions about the future of the business.

Filipa Pereira, a student of MAEG and an intern in the risk area at Banco Montepio, was part of the "Accenture" team, which won 3rd place, together with Diogo Ventura (a student of the Masters in International Business at Universidade do Minho), Inês Oliveira (a student of the Masters in Engineering Project Management at Universidade do Minho), António Correia (a student of the degree in Applied Mathematics for Risk Management at Universidade Nova de Lisboa), and Rita Simões (a student of the Integrated Maste's in Chemical Engineering at Universidade do Aveiro).

The Global Management Challenge is the largest international strategy and management competition, which originated in Portugal and is present in more than 30 countries. It consists of an interactive business simulation in which each team manages a company with the aim of obtaining the best investment performance for their company in the market in which it operates.

The awards ceremony was attended by the Vice-Dean of ISEG, Professor José Verissimo, as well as the Advisor to the Dean's Office, Filomena Ferreira.

Accenture team during the decision-making process.

Award of the certificate of participation to the Accenture team that came 3rd in the GMC national final.

Filomena Ferreira, Advisor to the Dean's Office and Student Ombudsman at ISEG, and Filipa Pereira.

Filipa Pereira spoke to us about her experience competing in the GMC:

The GMC is more than just a competition; it's an interactive business simulation that reproduces the dynamic and complex environment of real companies. With the objective to optimise the company's investment performance, each team is challenged to make decisions in various areas in the face of competition while needing to adapt to economic fluctuations.

My time competing in the GMC was marked by continuous learning and teamwork. We had to carefully analyse historical data, define strategies, and make crucial decisions under pressure. The experience provided fertile ground for applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom, especially for someone like me, whose degree is more focused on the technical side of mathematics. On a more personal level, the GMC was an opportunity to immerse myself in a challenging and enriching environment, where I was able to apply and fine-tune my strategy and management skills.

I'm delighted to say that my team came 3rd out of 480 teams in this edition of the GMC, which is a significant improvement from 7th Place awarded last year. This positive result was achieved thanks to the commitment and dedication of all the team members, as well as the theoretical background and guidance received from ISEG, which proved to be an indispensable asset. May this experience serve as an inspiration for future generations of ISEG students and encouraging them to explore new horizons and constantly strive to achieve excellence in everything they do."