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Mestrado emManagement (MiM)

ISEG introduced the new MiM in 2020, an innovative way for forward-thinking students and professionals to get a unique and full range experience in business management. If you want to make a difference in the corporate world, this is the course to take.

The MiM was built around the future of the workplace. It’s where you’re headed, after all. The master’s programme, accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), will place management in a more technological and digital world, requiring stronger analytical and quantitative skills. 

Our intention is to develop a new generation of conscientious managers and leaders for all kinds of organisations. All course units were carefully designed to make you think about the overall future impact of decision-making in any organisation or company. And by embracing the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the 17 Societal Challenges summarised in the SDGs.

Ranked no. 13 in the World Top 230 Global Ranking in General Management
3 Semesters
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Top 7 reasons to do the Masters in Management


Highly qualified faculty with PhDs from world-class universities (London Business School, University of Delaware, Alliance Manchester Business School, Imperial College Business School, Carnegie-Mellon University, and much more).


Prepares you for the reality of a demanding workplace in terms of technical and quantitative skills with strong data analytics.


Framed around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: from Accounting to Marketing or Economics, everything you learn is put into context – you make a difference when you decide.


ISEG crafts professionals and leaders for all kinds of organisations – we do not format you; we let you choose what you want to develop into.


Uses a mix of instructional methods, with real-life cases and data, as well as a simulation management game, preparing you to think and act.


Allows you to choose three electives and earn a specialisation, a major, of your selection.


A one-year full-time programme (plus one semester for the masters final project) preparing you to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

The MiM program is fully developed to prepare students to be the managers responsible for the future

Framed within the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and all management areas are taught and discussed taking the SDGs into account. The general objectives of the Masters in Management are as follows:

To focus on sustainability in a more digital world, from the “hardest” (including coding) to the “softest” (including presentation skills) skills.

To develop technical management knowledge, including strategy, finance and accounting, marketing, and human resources management.

To advance core personal competencies for continuous learning and adaptation in working life, considering the volatility and uncertainty of today’s business environment.

To develop skills for responsible management converging with the challenges of sustainable development.

To foster skills in information selection and processing, alternative assessment and decision making.

To promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

To grow competencies to carry out a structured project in the form of the final master’s work.

To develop a network of contacts relevant to the students’ professional careers.

After my BSc in Economics, I wanted to pursue my academic studies in Management in Portugal, and the choice to undertake the MiM program at ISEG was clear. ISEG is recognized on an international level as one of the most prestigious business schools. Also, the MiM program is focused on sustainability, an important theme due to the current reality of our world, which will allow us, future managers, to be better prepared to make conscious and impactful decisions. The variety of course units addressed throughout the study plan and the challenging and international environment of classes, allowed me to develop essential skills and broaden my knowledge. The amazing experience I take with me is something that I recommend to anyone who wants to grow as a person and professional.
Carolina Freitas
The choice of enrolling in the Masters in Management program relied on its uniqueness. Its focus on sustainability allied with a broad view on Management gave me the vast knowledge on the field that I was looking for, while still allowing a specialization through the choice of a major stream. MiM is a forward looking program focused on how to tackle future challenges.
Catarina Gomes
The experience at ISEG was really intense and stimulating. Firstly, because it gave me the opportunity to acquire new working tools, some of which I immediately put into practice, successfully, with my co-workers, and which I then generally ‘revisit’ periodically as needed. Secondly, because I was able to compare myself with other people from completely different realities than mine, thus gaining new insights and new perspectives on common problematic situations. Why participate in MiM? It’s like shedding more light. You get a better overview, you notice new details and other nuances. Does it really work? Try it yourself, I recommend it!
Francesca Savini
After completing my bachelors in Germany and working for a few years already, the Master in Management program at ISEG was the perfect choice for me to complete my tertiary education. The deep focus that was put on sustainability, plentiful dynamic team working opportunities and open dialogue from professors really helped deepen my critical thinking. ISEG itself is right in the heart of Lisbon and although having a long history was able to provide very modern literature and ways of teaching. I can recommend the MiM course and ISEG to anyone who wants to have quality education
Kevin Duindam
ISEG’s MiM is a program with its eyes set in the future. We were constantly faced with the newest challenges, trends, tools, and ideas. The pace and subject variety of the program prepared me to be a flexible, dynamic and curious go-getter, capable of interlinking the many sides of management. The possibility of choosing a major stream had a tremendous effect in envisioning the type of professional life I aspire to have: one that could mix both the broader aspects of management and the more precise teachings of the major. All while operating with the most sustainable practices, such as the ones we were taught and the ones I explored in my sustainability-centered Master’s Final Work. Now that I have finished ISEG’s MiM I can confidently say that enrolling was the best decision I could have made. It gave me a well-rounded understanding of management, that was further complimented with the teachings of the major, all while having the values of the SDGs to guide our choices.
Manuel Gaspar

10 things you’ll gain by joining ISEG

An outstanding faculty and benchmark research centres are responsible for placing ISEG at the forefront of Economics, Management and Finance.
Top 10 Reasons

The Next Step in Your Career

Your partner in achieving your career goals. Our consultants guarantee you all the necessary support, helping you prepare for your job search or find an internship.
Career Office

Broaden your horizons.

Our mobility programs allow students to explore any part of the world while studying abroad for a semester.
International Mobility Office

Programme Details

Framed within the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the MiM program is fully developed to prepare students to be the managers responsible for the future: all management areas are taught and discussed taking the SDGs into account.

  • The Masters in Management targets students with a first degree of higher education in a national or foreign institution in Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management or other relevant to the study cycle. Applicants with other degrees are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Masters in Management aims to develop fundamental management knowledge (strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources management, management operations, information systems and data analysis). This knowledge is critical for accessing certain occupations in the workplace to which the master seeks to respond.
  • In addition, this master’s develops a set of behavioural and professional skills, namely: oral and written communication, teamwork, leadership, and ethical perspective. These skills are essential for entering the job market and a successful career.
  • Some job positions addressed by the Masters include administration, general management, financial management and management consulting.


The study program is spread across 3 semesters, with a total of 90 ECTS, of which 30 ECTS (the 3rd semester) correspond to a final work (dissertation, project or internship report).

All mandatory course units will be taught in English. Electives in majors will be conducted in English or Portuguese, depending on the Major Stream Specialisation chosen by the student. Core courses and electives are daytime classes.

Year 1 – Semester 1Credits
Week 0
Global Goals Awareness Week
Breaks the ice and immerses you in the downtown Lisbon lifestyle, allowing you to become aware of the biggest challenges our world is facing – and think about what you can do about it.
Week 1-6
  Financial and ESG Reporting
  Business Strategy and Performance
  Organisational Culture and Behaviour
  Global Economic Trends
  Operations Management

Week 7
  Assessment Week
Week 8-13
  Financial Markets and Management
  Marketing Management
  Leading People in the 21st Century
  World Business Environment
  Excel & Python Analysis

Week 14
Global Goals Action Week (mandatory)
Takes you to the next level: Time to act, be relevant!
Year 1 – Semester 2Credits
Week 0
What About Me? Week (mandatory)
Time to think about what you want for yourself, and how to develop the skills you need.
Week 1-6
Quantitative Data Analysis
 Management Information Systems

Week 7
HERO Week (mandatory)
Human Ethical Responsible Organisations
Week 8-13
 Qualitative Data Analysis
Global Management Challenge Simulation

Week 1-13
Majors* – Stream Electives 1, 2, 3 
(you also choose 3 elective course units and gain a major in your chosen area)
Year 2 – Semester 1Credits
Week 0
Choose Your Path Week (mandatory)
Decide which final piece of work you want.
Week 1-13
MiM Final Work
 Path 1: Corporate Internship Project 
Path 2: NGO Internship Project 
 Path 3: Experimental Research Project
Path 4: Entrepreneurship Project
Path 5: Consulting / Business Case Project
 Path 6: ISEG ULisboa Project
ACCOUNTING (Taught in English)
AIS-MACC – Accounting Information Systems
 AFACC – Advanced Financial Accounting
 CF-MACC – Corporate Finance
 CGOV-MACC – Corporate Governance
 DAA-A – Data Analysis in Accounting
 RMA – Research Methods in Accounting
SMCSY – Strategic Management Control Systems
 FM-DAB – Forecasting Methods
 MLDM-DAB – Machine Learning and Data Mining
 PDS-DAB – Programming for Data Science
ECONOMICS (Taught in English)
 EDC – Economia do Crescimento (Growth Economics)
ETB – Economia do Trabalho (Lanour Economics)
 EEMT – Experimental Economics: Methods and Topics
MATM – Macroeconomia e Teoria Monetária (Macroeconomics and Monetary Theory)
GT – Teoria de Jogos (Game Theory)
FINANCE (Taught in English)
CFP – Corporate Financing and Planning
CGOV-MACC – Corporate Governance
 FIPM – Fixed Income Products and Markets
FFECO – Fundamentals of Financial Economics
HMF – História Monetária e Financeira (Monetary and Financial History)
REF – Real Estate Finance
RM-MFIN – Risk Management
HUMAN RESOURCES (Taught in Portuguese)
ETEMP – Ética Empresarial (Business-to-Business Ethics)
 FINGRH – Finanças para Gestão de Recursos Humanos (Finance for Human Resources Management)
 GMUD – Gestão da Mudança (Managing Change)
 GEQ – Gestão de Equipas (Teams Management)
 MGCAR – Modelos de Gestão de Competências, Avaliação e Recompensas (Models of Competencies Management, Appraisal and Reward)
 MOGRH – Modelos Organizacionais e GRH (Organisation Models and H.R.M.) (MOGRH) (39 hours)
 SIGRH – Sistemas de Informação para a Gestão de Recursos Humanos (Information Systems for Human Resources Management)
 GPI – Gestão de Projectos Informáticos (IT Project Management)
MTB – Modelos e Tecnologias de e-Business (e-business Models and Technology)
PDSOFT – Projecto de Desenvolvimento de Software (Software Development Project)
RSSINF – Redes e Segurança de Sistemas de Informação (Information Systems Networks and Security)
MARKETING (Taught in Portuguese)
CRM-MKT – Customer Relationship Management
 MS – Marketing de Serviços (Services Marketing
 ME-MKT – Marketing Empresarial (Business-to-Business Marketing)
 MINT-MKT – Marketing Internacional (International Marketing)
MO-MKT – Marketing Operacional (Operations Marketing)

Note: Opening of elective courses depends on a minimum number of enrolled students.

*In recent years, some MIM Majors have grown in popularity. Most are fully occupied by the start of each semester. While the Coordinators sincerely wish to provide all MIM students with the opportunity to choose a Major, specialized ISEG Masters programmes have limited spaces. As a result, enrollment is contingent on seat availability.

See the description of each Curricular Units here.

3 Semesters
Taught in
Numerus Clausus
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Why choose the Double Degree programme with EM Normandie?

A Double Degree broadens the options and professional horizons that are available for you.

This is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself academically, allowing you to grow internationally and expand your network.

Apart from these assets, you will also get 2 diplomas, from ISEG and EM Normandie’s.

Who is eligible to apply?

To be admitted to this partner university, you need one of these official scores in English: IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 790 or TOEFL  83. You must have an academic average of 14/20, from the 1st semester of the 1st academic year, of the MiM.

Credit and Semester requirements

To obtain both EM’s and ISEG’s Master’s degrees, your full first year of graduate studies (60 ECTS) will be completed at ISEG and your remaining graduate studies (60 ECTS) will be completed at EM. You will complete 2 semesters at EM and your studies begin at ISEG in the Fall semester.

Tentative Semester dates

Fall semester at ISEG
Beginning of September to February
Spring semester at ISEG
Beginning of February to July
Fall semester at EM Normandie
From August to December*
Spring semester at EM Normandie
From January April*
Internship abroad
6 Consecutive months (in Portugal or abroad)**            
Thesis at ISEG
Submission until March***
* Dates may be subject to change, depending on the majors chosen.
**A prior 6 consecutive months internship may also be accepted by EM Normandie.
***The thesis may be submitted from September 2026.

Programme and Courses

You will take graduate (Grade de Master) at EM Normandie.

You may choose from one of the following Master specializations in one of EM Normandie campus. See below:

Tuition Fee for the double degree students

These are provisional tuition fees for 2024/2025, subject to confirmation by the Universidade de Lisboa statutory bodies.

Students from    First Year
(1st and 2nd Semesters)
Second Year
(3rd and 4th Semesters)
Third Year
(5th Semester)
Within the European Union€ 5,800€ 7,800 € 2,000€ 15,600
Outside the European Union     € 7,300 € 7,800 € 2,500  € 17,600

3 Semesters
Taught in
Numerus Clausus
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Admissions & Fees

Applications for all masters at ISEG are online.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates for the Master in Management are:

  • Undergraduate in a national or foreign institution in the areas of Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, or other relevant to the study cycle.
  • In accordance with Article 17 d) of Decree-Law No. 74/2006 of the 24th of March, altered and republished as Decree-Law No. 65/2018 of the 16th August, other applications considered to be appropriate by the selection panel will be evaluated on the basis of a curricular analysis.
  • Those students who have not yet completed the 1st Study Cycle (Bachelors) are eligible to apply conditionally, provided that they satisfy the conditions for obtaining the degree by the end of September (of the same academic year as their application).
  • The MIM is tailored for individuals who have limited or no professional experience before joining the program. Typically, candidates possess less than four years of professional experience, and the age range of our current MIM cohort falls between 22 and 24 years old.

All candidates should have an excellent command of the English language, written and spoken.

Ranking and Selection Criteria

Applications for the MIM program will be assessed based on a calculated SCORE using the following criteria, with a maximum of 20 points achievable:


  • Academic Performance (Weight: 50%; max 10 points)
    Evaluation based on the highest academic degree attained or, for students without a degree, the average grade of completed course units to date.
  • Institution and Degree (Weight: 20%; max 4 points)
    Assessment of the university and school(s) awarding the mentioned degree(s) in accordance with international and/or national rankings.
  • Alignment with MIM Objectives (Weight: 15%; max 3 points)
    Assessment of relevance between previous degrees’ study fields, quantitative knowledge, and professional experience with the objectives of the MIM program.
  • Personal Motivation (Weight: 15%: max 3 points)
    General evaluation of candidate motivation through interviews and/or Motivation Letters.

Note: The aforementioned calculation applies to candidates who fulfill the program’s prerequisites.

In some cases, the Masters Coordinating Team may conduct interviews with applicants as deemed necessary.

Application Documents

  • Certificate of the undergraduate degree
  • Academic Transcript
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • English Diploma (optional)
  • Reference Letter (optional)

All candidates should have an excellent command of the English language, written and spoken.

Tuition Fee

These are provisional tuition fees for 2024/2025, subject to confirmation by the Universidade de Lisboa statutory bodies.

Students from    First Year Second Year Total
Within the European Union€ 5,800€ 2,000 € 7,800
Outside the European Union     € 7,300 € 2,500   € 9,800

Financial restrictions should never come in the way of your access to higher education, and that is why we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone.

A specific tuition fee payment schedule may be agreed upon request by the student.

Student Visa

If you are not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you need a Student VISA.
Once you have decided to join the master’s programme and paid the 1st tuition fee to secure your place, you can issue the acceptance letter on the FENIX Portal. This document will be needed later to apply for a Student Visa. The student visa must be requested at the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consular Office in the country of origin.

3 Semesters
Taught in
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