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Licenciatura emFinance

ISEG has redesigned the Bachelor in Finance! It is an innovative and up-to-date study programme, which blends current trends in finance and advancements in technology with financial theory.

The Bachelor’s in Finance provides the necessary quantitative skills to understand how financial markets function and how businesses operate and make decisions within these markets. It also provides a solid education in finance and an advanced level of specialization in the areas of accounting, taxation and auditing, as well as in the areas of financial management of companies and financial markets. 

With this degree you will learn:

  • To understand how financial markets work
  • How to make financial decisions in companies
  • How to prepare sound financial statements and forecast earnings
  • How to prepare a company to go to the stock market with an IPO 
  • How to manage public debt allocation in international markets
  • How to become a banker? or a fintech-er? who knows…
Affiliation Program
Dual Degree
3 Years
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6 Reasons to do a Bachelor in Finance


A redesigned, new and up-to-date study programme! This degree equips you to work in new areas of finance which are related to technology and digitalisation, such as Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocoins! It also includes a Laboratory in Finance (FinLab), where students model stock market behaviour.


Dual Degree with Kozminski University in Poland (a Triple Crown University), whereby you obtain two degrees (one from Kozminski University and another from ISEG). This possibility is only available to the 5 best students who will be awarded a ERAMUS scholarship.


The only bachelor affiliated with CFA Institute®. The programme covers more than 70% of the CFA level I curriculum.


Unparalleled international exchange opportunities at renowned universities such as Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), TUM School of Management (Germany) Ca’ Focari University of Venice (Italy), Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands). Plus, seize the chance to study at Bocconi University (Italy) with two exclusive international exchange vacancies available.


In the Dual Degree you will participate in an international internship for at least 12 weeks.


One annual scholarship for the CFA Institute® exam.


Best Student Award.


Dual Degree with Kozminski

You can spend the 3rd Year in a world-class university in Poland and earn two Degrees: the Bachelor’s from ISEG and a second Bachelor’s in Finance and Accounting from Kozminski University.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Joseph E. Stiglitz

10 things you’ll gain by joining ISEG

An outstanding faculty and benchmark research centres are responsible for placing ISEG at the forefront of Economics, Management and Finance.
Top 10 Reasons

The Next Step in Your Career

Your partner in achieving your career goals. Our consultants guarantee you all the necessary support, helping you prepare for your job search or find an internship.
Career Office

Broaden your horizons.

Our mobility programs allow students to explore any part of the world while studying abroad for a semester.
International Mobility Office

Programme Details

Our students will have a very privileged position in the access to a wide range of opportunities and professional functions. These opportunities include careers in financial services, venture capital, corporate finance, banking, consulting, and other careers in financial markets. In preparation for these careers, students can focus on entrepreneurial finance, fintech, corporate finance, financial markets, and banking and financial institutions.

Study Plans

Year 1 Semester
Economics and Business Informarion1
Economics I1
Mathematics I1
Principles of Management1
Quantitative Finance1
Financial Accounting I2
Economic and Business History2
Foundations of Law2
Mathematics II 2
Economics II2

Year 2Semester
Financial Accounting II1
Business Law 1
Information Technology 1
Statistics I 1
Business English1
Corporate Finance2
Management Accounting2
Statistics II2
Financial Markets2
Foreign Language (Spanish)2
Year 3Semester
Advanced Corporate Finance1
Money & Banking1
Auditing and Taxation1
Conditioned Elective A.1 (Behavioral Finance or People, Teams and Organizations)1
Public Economics and Finance2
Capital Budgeting and Investment Appraisal2
Conditioned Elective A.2 (Entrepreneurial Finance or Social Studies of Finance)2
Elective B2
Elective C2

3 Years
Taught in
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Dual Degree

For ISEG Students

What is a Dual Degree?

A dual degree involves studying for two university degrees in parallel, completing both of them in the time it normally takes to study for just one degree. This involves:

  • Spending the first and second years of studies at ISEG, and the third year at the Kozminski University;
  • Being able to satisfy the degree entry requirements for both universities;
  • Gaining two degree diplomas (a Bachelors in Finance from ISEG and a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance from Kozminski University);
  • Only paying tuition fees at ISEG (until the 3 rd Year), with no additional costs for studying abroad at Kozminski University in your 3rd year. Students are responsible for their own insurance, travel, housing, and daily living costs, as well as for the purchase of books, learning materials, and any other non-tuition fee costs for studying at Kozminski University.

Why Choose a Dual Degree? 

  • This is particularly suitable for those who are planning on a career in organisations which transcend domestic borders. The degree considerably broadens the options and professional horizons that are available to you;
  • It is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself academically;
  • It is an outstanding opportunity for those students who are seeking not only academic knowledge, but also intercultural experience and international competence.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • To be eligible to apply for the dual degree, you have to be enrolled in the ISEG Bachelor in Finance, and must have concluded all the course units from the 2nd Year;
  • You have to apply for the dual degree at the end of the 1st Semester of your 2nd Year;
  • You require an English proficiency certificate, e.g.: FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, CEIBT which are issued by the University of Cambridge; IELTS (>=6.0 points); TOEFL IBT (>=87 points); TOEIC (with at least 700 points in the exam); LCCI (English for Business Level 2, 3, 4); the London Test of English certificates (PEARSON) – Level 3, 4, 5 (Edexcel certificates). TOEFL and IELTS English language exam results are only valid for 3 years. You are only exempted from having to submit an English proficiency certificate if your High School Diploma confirms that English was your sole language of learning, or that English is your mother tongue;
  •  You need to have a knowledge of a foreign language, apart from English (Spanish), which equates to one year of study. Kozminski University may require that you sit a foreign language exam. If you fail the exam, then you are obliged to enrol in the foreign language course at Kozminski University in your 3rd Year for one or two semesters.

What will you study?

Courses held at KU ECTS
5th Semester
Extended Internship – minimum 12 weeks long (a)30
Foreign Language II (Spanish) (b)3
6th Semester
Econometrics and Research Methods4
Corporate Finance II4
Valuation & Value Based Management6
Diploma Workshop8
Auditing and Management Control5
Business Strategy Planning3
Total ECTS 3rd year69
  1. The internship is organized by KU. Students may do the internship in Portugal during the summer but they should inform KU until the end of May of their 2nd Year.
  2. Students are examined at the KU language center to receive the grade corresponding to the 3rd semester.
3 Years
Taught in
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For KU Students

“Welcome to ISEG!
ISEG was established more than a century ago, in 1911. Since then, the school has built a distinguished reputation for excellence on teaching and academic research. We are part of Universidade de Lisboa, the largest Portuguese university. Located in the center of Lisbon, ISEG offers you a unique opportunity to
immerse yourself in a vibrant and cosmopolitan European capital.
I am confident that the DD program will meet your professional and scientific aspirations and I hope that you will have a wonderful time studying at ISEG!”,
Ana Venâncio

Professional Opportunities

With a degree in Finance you can work in finance or banking institutions, investment funds, or in companies that operate in financial markets, or you can work for a financial regulator (Banco de Portugal, CMVM, European Central Bank) or public entities.

Our graduates are also frequently employed in:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Auditing and consulting
  • International economic and financial bodies
  • Senior management of industry and services
  • Public entities

This degree also creates the possibility for graduates to continue their education at the 2nd Cycle level.

3 Years
Taught in
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Admissions & Fees

Admissions Requirements

Minimum application grade: 100 points (out of 200) based on:

  • Final grade from secondary school course: 50% 
  • Grade from university entrance exam(s): 50% 
  • Minimum grade in university entrance exams: 95 pontos

Required entry exams:

  • Mathematics A (19) or
  • Mathematics A (19) + Portuguese (18) or
  • Mathematics A (19) + Economics (04)

*Some international qualifications can be automatically recognised as equivalent. Please check with the Undergraduate Office for more information.

Admissions Conditions

Tuition Fee

Students fromFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
Within the European Union€ 697€ 697€ 697
Outside the European Union    € 4,500€ 4,500€ 4,500

Financial restrictions should never come in the way of your access to higher education, and that is why we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Student Visa

If you are not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you need a Student VISA.

Once you have decided to join the bachelor programme and paid the 1st tuition fee to secure your place, you can issue the acceptance letter on the FENIX Portal. This document will be needed later to apply for a Student Visa.

The student visa must be requested at the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consular Office in the country of origin.

3 Years
Taught in
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