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Leadership & Organisation

ISEG’s governing bodies are:

The Dean and Vice Deans

The Dean is elected by the School Board and the Dean’s Office  is the primary body that represents and governs ISEG. The Dean is supported by up to four Vice-Deans. The Dean is responsible for representing the School at the level of ULisboa and externally; appointing the Vice-Deans; chairing the Management Board; appointing the panel for academic contests, based on proposals presented by the Scientific Board; supervising the administrative services and personnel management; implementing the resolutions of the School Board and the recommendations of both the Scientific Board and Pedagogical Board; negotiating cooperation agreements with other entities; establishing school prizes; and exercising powers delegated by the Rector of ULisboa.

DeanClara Raposo
Vice DeansManuel Mira Godinho
Ana Isabel Morais
José Veríssimo

School Board


The School Board is the strategic decision-making and supervisory body, whose duties are aligned with the fulfillment of ISEG’s mission and vision . The School Board is comprised of 15 members who are elected by their respective bodies and three external members who are co-opted by the other members. Among its competences, the School Board is responsible for the election of the Dean of the School and the approval of the general guidelines of ISEG, namely the scientific and pedagogical strategy, the provision of services, and external, financial, and property relations, as well as the School’s policy for its relationship with external entities. It also audits the activity of the Dean and that of the Management Board.

ChairVitor Constâncio 
Faculty and ResearchersAntónio Goucha Soares
Isabel Maria Dias Proença 
Joana Vaz Pais
João Carlos Carvalho das Neves 
João Manuel de Sousa Andrade e Silva
José António de Azevedo Pereira 
Luís Filipe Nunes Coimbra Nazaré 
Maria Margarida de Melo Coelho Duarte
Vítor Escária
StaffBernardo Reis
StudentsAna Mafalda Neto da Silva Pinto Palmela
Diogo Moreira Machado Pereira
External MembersMadalena Cascais Tomé
Pedro Castro e Almeida
Vitor Constâncio (Chair)

Scientific Board


The Scientific Board is the body of the School that is responsible for all matters concerned with the scientific content of teaching, professional development, and research. It is composed of members of faculty who hold a PhD and representatives of the research centres.

ChairNuno João de Oliveira Valério 
Representatives of the PhD holdersAlfredo Egídio dos Reis
António Augusto da Ascensão Mendonça
António Manuel Pedro Afonso
António Maria Palma dos Reis
João Carlos Henriques da Costa Nicolau
João José Quelhas Mesquita Mota
João Luís Correia Duque
Jorge Filipe da Silva Gomes
Maria Paula Fontoura Carvalhão Sousa
Nuno João de Oliveira Valério (Chair)
Paulo Alexandre Guedes Lopes Henriques 
Sofia Isabel Coelho Bento
Representatives of the Research CentresADVANCE- Vitor Fernando da Conceição Gonçalves
CEMAPRE – Amélia Cristina Marçal Alves Bastos
CEsA – José Manuel Zorro Mendes
GHES – Ana Bela Ferreira Macias Nunes
SOCIUS – João Alfredo dos Reis Peixoto
UECE – Maria Cândida Ferreira 

Pedagogical Board


The Pedagogical Board is responsible for issuing advisory opinions and recommendations regarding pedagogical guidelines and methods of teaching and assessment, as well as on the academic calendar and the lecture timetable and exams. The Pedagogical Board is composed of professors and students who are elected from the three study cycles (Bachelors, Masters, and PhD), with a total of six professors and six students.

ChairFrancisco José Duarte Nunes  
Faculty and ResearchersCristina Belmira Gaio Martins da Silva
Francisco José Duarte Nunes (Chair)
João Carlos de Andrade Marques Graça
Maria Rosa Vidigal Tavares da Cruz Quartin Borges
Nuno Joel Gaspar Fernandes Crespo
Rita da Conceição Cardoso Martins de Sousa Ribeiro Marto
Undergraduate Students Rodrigo Sá de Sousa Brigham da Silva
Patrícia Alexandra da Silva Antão
Bogdana Blidari
Masters and PhD StudentsDr. Pedro Miguel Nogueira Reis
Dra. Inês Sofia Félix Vieira
Mestre Tiago Emanuel Rodrigues Gonçalves

Management Board

The Management Board is the body which is responsible for overseeing the administrative, financial, and property-related matters of ISEG. Its members are the Dean, the Finance and Administration Director, and three Vice-Deans:


  • Clara Raposo (Dean)
  • João Tomé Calado (Finance and Administration Director)
  • Ana Isabel Morais (Vice Dean)
  • José Veríssimo (Vice Dean)

International Advisory Council


ISEG’s International Advisory Council assists the Dean define the School’s international strategy. The Board brings together business leaders, policy makers, and academics from Europe and the rest of the world. Its core mission is to give feedback on the international projects and to provide fresh input with regards the future of ISEG.

ChairGilberto Jordan (CEO of the Andre Jordan Group and an ISEG-alumnus)
MembersAnne Hansen da Câmara 
(Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Circuito do Estoril)

Anne Giviskos 
(Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Euronext Group in Paris)

Colin Mayer, CBE FBA
(Professor of Management Studies at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford)

Eugenia Bieto 
(Professor and former Director General of ESADE)

Gilberto Jordan 
(Chairman of ISEG’s IAC. CEO of the Andre Jordan Group and an ISEG-alumnus)

Joanne Li, CFA
(Chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Former Dean of Florida International University College of Business)

Roberta Medina 
(Businesswoman and events producer. President of Dream Factory and vice-president of Better World, the company associated with Rock in Rio. Partner of the Portuguese event Biggest Christmas Tree in Europe)

Wern-Yuen Tan 
(CEO of Pepsico. APAC Asia-Pacific China)

William Kistler 
(first president of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in Europe and then lead EMEA executive for International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC)).


ISEG has four academic departments: Economics, Management, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Each department functions as a centre for the organisation of the faculty and researchers in their respective area. Their main tasks are to organise and manage the course units of the three study cycles for which each department is responsible and to coordinate their respective scientific areas.