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Leadership & Organisation

ISEG’s governing bodies are:


The Dean is elected by the School Board, which is ISEG's principle representative and supervisory body. The Dean is supported by four Vice-Deans.

Joana Pais
Joao Lopes Dias
José Verissimo
Winnie Picoto


Get to know the ISEG Boards

The Dean is elected by the School Board and the Dean’s Office, which is the primary body that represents and governs ISEG. The Dean is supported by up to four Vice-Deans and is responsible for the following: representing the School at the level of ULisboa and externally; appointing the Vice-Deans; chairing the Management Board; appointing the panel for academic selection contests, based on proposals presented by the Scientific Board; supervising the administrative services and human resources management; implementing the resolutions of the School Board and the recommendations of both the Scientific Board and the Pedagogical Board; negotiating cooperation agreements with other entities; establishing school prizes; and exercising powers delegated by the Rector of ULisboa.

International Advisory Council


ISEG’s International Advisory Council assists the Dean define the School’s international strategy. The Board brings together business leaders, policy makers, and academics from Europe and the rest of the world. Its core mission is to give feedback on international projects and provide fresh input regarding ISEG's future.

ChairGilberto Jordan (Nationality: Brazil)
(CEO of the Andre Jordan Group and an ISEG-alumnus)
MembersAnne Hansen da Câmara (Nationality: Denmark)
(Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Circuito do Estoril)

Anne Giviskos (Nationality: United States of America)
(Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Euronext Group in Paris)

Bing-Huei Lin (Nationality: Taiwan)
Department of Finance at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan 

Colin Mayer (Nationality: United Kingdom)
(Professor of Management Studies at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford)

Eugenia Bieto (Nationality: Spain)
(Professor and former Director General of ESADE)

Joanne Li (Nationality: United States of America)
(Chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Former Dean of Florida International University College of Business)

Roberta Medina (Nationality: Brazil)
(Businesswoman and events producer. President of Dream Factory and Vice-President of Better World, the company that manages Rock in Rio)

Wern-Yuen Tan (Nationality: Singapore)
(CEO of Pepsico. APAC Asia-Pacific China)

William Kistler (Nationality: United States of America)
(first president of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in Europe and then lead EMEA executive for International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)).


ISEG has four academic departments: Economics, Management, Mathematics , and Social Sciences. Each department functions as a centre for the organisation of the faculty and their respective researchers. Their main tasks are to organise and manage the course units of the three study cycles for which each department is responsible and also to coordinate their respective scientific areas.