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Seminar | Portuguese Emigration in the XXI Century

17 Dec from 14:30 to 18:30
Auditorium 2 of the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon

December 17, 2015, 14:30-18:30, at the  Auditorium 2 of the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon

The peaceful coexistence of people and groups marked by ethnic, social, cultural, geographical, religious and linguistic diversity is a central theme in the organization of contemporary European societies. This issue may be of particular relevance to Portugal, since, in relative terms, we are the country in the European Union with the highest emigration. It is known that the Portuguese emigrant population now represents more than one fifth of the resident population and has grown at a faster rate than the latter in recent decades. But who are the Portuguese who have emigrated and to what destinations? What aspirations and life projects do they take with them? How do they integrate into their host societies? Knowing that Portugal has been a country of emigrants, does it make sense to talk about a new emigration? What costs have these migratory flows had for Portugal? On the other hand, despite being a labor supplier country, since the 1980s Portugal has also become a place of immigration. How are foreigners received in our country and what relations do they establish with Portuguese society? 

This Seminar will bring together all the Research Groups of the University of Lisbon that have been dedicated to the analysis of migratory phenomena, as well as the team of the ISCTE Emigration Observatory. By presenting the most recent results of their research, these groups will answer these questions and launch new clues that will contribute decisively to the deepening of knowledge about Portuguese emigration in the 21st century. 

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