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Mission & Vision

ISEG’s mission is to create, share and enhance the social and economic value of knowledge and culture in the fields of Economics, Finance and Business Sciences, in a context of pluralism and assurance of intellectual and scientific freedom, and respect for ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development.

ISEG aspires to be among the best Schools of Economics and Management in Portugal, with a strong international reputation, being recognised for the quality of its graduates, its research, and the impact of its activities in society.

Values and Principles

> Scientific and intellectual freedom
ISEG contributes to extending the boundaries of scientific knowledge in the fields of Economics, Finance and Business and areas of support, furthering the socio-economic development of Portugal and its international credibility through teaching, research, community service and the scientific and cultural international exchange of students, faculty and researchers.

> Diversity and Plurality
ISEG adopts a plural approach to teaching and research, encourages the development of synergies between scientific areas, cultivates a spirit of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and carries out joint activities with other national, foreign and international universities and research centres, in accordance with ethical and socially responsible values.

> Respect for ethical principles and social responsibility
The ISEG community values and shares ethical principles and follows a code of ethics. The School and its students, faculty and staff adopt a socially responsible behaviour. ISEG is committed with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals.

> Internal and external assessment and continuous improvement
ISEG promotes and diffuses a culture of internal and external assessment to ensure organisational improvement and individual and departmental performance. 

The ISEG Manifesto

You could be a student or a member of faculty, from Portugal or anywhere in the world … north or south. You could be an intern or an executive … from Economics or Management. You always need a new vision …. to create, to evolve, to exchange ideas. You also need freedom…. to take chances, to innovate, to be unique.

Now is your chance to take your learning experience even further. With more autonomy, more openness, more pluralism. The next level of Economics and Management belongs to those who see beyond the ordinary. If you have a vision, this is the right place to be.

ISEG. Open minds. Grab the future.