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You can’t learn everything in the classroom or from a textbook. ISEG students are well known for winning international and national awards as recognition for their projects and business ideas, as well as for winning national and international contests and awards, whilst at the same time they manage to carry out their academic obligations.

Joana Ferreira

A graduate student in Management, tried unsuccessfully to find an attractive and comfortable swimsuit in which she could spend hours in the water and get tanned all over her body at the same time – even the parts which are usually covered by a bikini or swimsuit. So she ventured to launch her own brand: Nudist.
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Dora Morgado, Mariana Cintra, Rita Santos, João Bento, Francisca Pires

Vice-Champions of the European Entrepreneurship Contest: Junior Achievement Europe Enterprise Challenge 2020, for developing a customised and personalised protective equipment for combat sports which is made to perfectly fit the form of the athletes’ bodies.
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Arthur Pinheiro, Margarida Alpalhão, Patrícia Ferreira, César Teixeira and Jorge Faria

Students of Masters in Finance, achieved being in the TOP 4 of the European regional final of the CFA Challenge, which is the largest global competition for students of Finance.
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Diana Silva

ISEG student of Economics, has won the Mckinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award, conceived by McKinsey & Company with the objective to recognise talent and support students who wish to maximise their potential.
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Marta Rosado da Fonseca Vieira

Former student of the Masters in Economics and Public Policy won the Jacques Delors Prize, 2020, for her research on “Subsidiarity as an institution in Europe: from small steps to a common future”.
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Carolina Rocha

A student of the current 36th edition of the ISEG MBA, won first place in the “Marketing & Sales Expert” category in Portuguese Women in Tech Awards.
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Jorge Daniel Faria Silva

Who has a PhD from ISEG, has won ex-aequo, the prize awarded by the Ordem dos Economistas for the best thesis in Economics.
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