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Mestrado emManagement Information Systems

If you think the technological world and the business world are increasingly interconnected, you are not alone.

ISEG decided to bring the two together in the same space and created the Masters in Management Information Systems (MMIS). The master’s degree where information is power!

The MMIS offers rigorous and challenging training in information systems and technologies. The professionalising nature of this master’s programme and the development of the technical and scientific potential of these future areas will broaden students’ career prospects. 


Students will also have the opportunity to enhance their international experience and business environment exposure with a hands-on SAP immersive program abroad. For that, we established a partnership with the University HTW SAAR (Saarbrücken Germany) and SAP*. In the scope of this partnership, we offer an optional program with the duration of one week, in which the students have SAP classes at our partner university and visits to SAP St. Ingbert, SAP headquarters in Walldorf and an SAP consulting firm (additional fee applied**). We also offer, in the second year, an elective course of SAP (Enterprise Systems with SAP Labs).

*The effective implementation of the program is dependent on the national and international public health conditions and on international stability.

** Prices may be adjusted if international economic conditions change significantly.

Ranked no. 16 in the World Top 205 Global Ranking in Information Systems Management
4 Semesters
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Top 6 reasons to do the Master’s in Management Information Systems


The MGSI’s main objectives are training with high technical competence in planning information systems: selection of tools to be used and modules to be developed; management of the development process; implementation and integration; and establishment of security policies.


Information systems and technologies are an essential factor in the competitiveness and success of organisations. Having the skills to understand these resources and know how to manage them is fundamental.


The course aims to develop a culture of high exigencies, rigour and quality, becoming a differentiating factor and creating and consolidating knowledge.


Students can optionally participate in an SAP ERP induction programme, which will take place at the University of Saarbrücken, in Germany, as well as visit SAP and some of its partners, on a one-week trip to the city of Saarbrücken (subject to travel restrictions conditions).


Most students manage to get a job placement in the market before finishing the course, and key institutions in the Portuguese economy guarantee this employability.


The professors are experienced and have a close link between the academic view and the business reality.

10 things you’ll gain by joining ISEG

An outstanding faculty and benchmark research centres are responsible for placing ISEG at the forefront of Economics, Management and Finance.
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Broaden your horizons.

Our mobility programs allow students to explore any part of the world while studying abroad for a semester.
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As soon as I finished my bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, I decided that I wanted to change and broaden my horizons. In order to improve my knowledge about Information Systems and the importance of managing them effectively in organizations, I decided to choose a Master in MIS at ISEG. There were no doubts that ISEG would be able to provide me with the necessary knowledge for a promising future. In my Master’s Final Work, I had the opportunity to carry out a project in ISEG that contributed to the improvement of a Business Intelligence tool developed within the scope of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This experience was one of the most enriching of my academic career, and that could only be provided by a well-structured and challenging Master’s program. The culture and people in ISEG are amazing and they work together for the institution’s excellence, creating a highly qualified teaching. I strongly recommend this master’s degree, which allows us to choose from a wide range of areas, to enter the job market, which represents a great added value.
Maria Constança de Sá Portalete

Programme Details

To aid students to obtain high technical competencies in the following domains:

i) Information systems planning;
ii) Adequate tool selection when developing Information systems;
iii) Management of the development process, implementation, integration and establishment of information security protocols in information systems.

In addition to the technological aspects, the course includes training in relevant areas, aiding professionals in their perception and participation in an organisational context.

Graduates who wish to complement and deepen first-cycle education and/or obtain a professional specialisation in information systems management and enhance employment opportunities and career prospects.


This Masters exposes its graduates to a wide range of career opportunities, some of a more technical nature and others more related to management areas. It should be highlighted that the employment rate of the previous editions has been approximately 100%.

The main career opportunities are in information systems implementation consulting, strategic consulting for information and communication technologies, digital marketing, and Enterprise Information Systems for companies in the finance and technological sectors, and also services in general.

Those students who wish to acquire professional experience can do so by opting to carry out the Masters Final Work in the form of an internship with well-known companies with whom ISEG has agreements, which includes submitting an report.


Year 1 – Semester 1Credits
Competitive Intelligence 6
Data & Database and Management6
Information Systems Analysis6
Programming for Data Science6
Decision Systems6
Year 1 – Semester 2Credits
IT Project Management6
e-Business Models and Technologies6
Information Systems Networks and Security6
Software Development Project6
Information Systems Planning and Architecture6
Year 2 – Semester 1Credits
Information Systems Research6
Quantitative Methods Applied to Research6
Electives (choose one):
Information Technology Consulting
Leadership in Information Systems Management
Enterprise Systems with SAP Labs

Master’s Final Work (Dissertation / Internship / Project)12
Year 2 – Semester 2Credits
Master’s Final Work – MFW
— Dissertation
— Project
— Internship

See the description of each Curricular Units here.

4 Semesters
Daytime Classes
Taught in
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Admissions & Fees

Applications for all masters at ISEG are online.

Admissions Requirements

  • Applicant must have a university academic degree, national or foreign, equivalent to the 1st cycle, in the fields of business science, engineering or social sciences in general.
  • In accordance with Article 17 d) of Decree-Law No. 74/2006 of the 24th of March, altered and republished as Decree-Law No. 65/2018 of the 16th August, other applications considered to be appropriate by the selection panel will be evaluated on the basis of a curricular analysis.
  • Those students who have not yet completed the 1st Study Cycle (Bachelors) are eligible to apply conditionally, provided that they satisfy the conditions for obtaining the degree by the end of September (of the same academic year as their application).

Ranking and Selection Criteria

  1. The serialization is made on the basis of the application grade, which will be calculated by the process described below. Only applies to students who meet the prerequisites.
  2. The weightings to be assigned and the scales to be used in each of the criteria and the minimum acceptable value for any specific criterion, where appropriate (criteria set out in paragraph 2 of the above mentioned Order);
    • 2a) Course Average 40%, with minimum of 13 points
    • 2b) Academic Curriculum 30%
    • 2c) Professional experience 15%
    • 2d) Motivation shown for the course 15%
  3. The minimum overall assessment grade for immediate acceptance of a candidate in anticipation of the serialization process: 16

Application Documents

  • Certificate of the undergraduate degree
  • Academic Transcript
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • English Diploma (optional)
  • Reference Letter (optional)

All candidates should have an excellent command of the English language, written and spoken.

Tuition Fee

These are provisional tuition fees for 2024/25, subject to confirmation by the Universidade de Lisboa statutory bodies.

Students from    First Year Second Year Total
Within the European Union€ 3,900€ 2,000 € 5,900
Outside the European Union     € 4,750 € 2,500   € 7,250

Financial restrictions should never come in the way of your access to higher education, and that is why we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone.

A specific tuition fee payment schedule may be agreed upon request by the student..

Student Visa

If you are not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you need a Student VISA.
Once you have decided to join the master’s programme and paid the 1st tuition fee to secure your place, you can issue the acceptance letter on the FENIX Portal. This document will be needed later to apply for a Student Visa. The student visa must be requested at the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consular Office in the country of origin.

4 Semesters
Daytime Classes
Taught in
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