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Licenciatura emManagement

ISEGs Bachelor’s degree in Management, one of the first in the country, has an excellent faculty – with professors who hold PhDs from various Portuguese and foreign universities and also visiting professors – who combine scientific and technical skills with market knowledge.

The syllabus of the degree in Management ensures the provision of a solid education for managers’ future, with a comprehensive structure based on the core subjects of Management, namely Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Production Management, and Information Systems, as well as areas which are equally key for the teaching of Management, such as Economics, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

By studying for this degree, you will:

  • Learn what managers do;
  • Understand how organisations and businesses work;
  • Structure your own entrepreneurial ideas;
  • Become a conscientious leader who is aligned with the dimensions of sustainable development.

3 Years
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Why chose the Degree in Management?

Personal and Ethical Development

Empowers students with communication, negotiation, and collaborative skills to ensure that they are capable of facing the challenges of working in different types of organisations in their economic and financial life, in both the Portuguese and the international context, with a commitment to ethical development as a distinctive factor of the behaviour and professionalism of managers in organisations and in society as a whole;

A Solid Education

Provides a solid education in Management through the understanding and application of concepts, theories, and tools to problems and concrete cases in the world of Management;

Critical and Analytical Thinking

Develops critical and analytical thinking, integrating interdisciplinary knowledge of complementary areas in the education of the manager (Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, History, and Law) with the object to enable more effective decision-making;

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Encourage an entrepreneurial and sustainability-oriented spirit for the exercise of both business and social activities, whilst always ensuring a positive impact on the environment;

Active learning

Uses active pedagogical models which encourage the link between theory and practice, as well as responsibility, being sustainability oriented, and making a positive impact on society;


Promotes the discussion of ideas and the ability to solve problems as a group, respecting diverse opinions, whilst developing leadership skills, especially with regards conflict management and motivating groups to achieve the objectives.

10 things you’ll gain by joining ISEG

An outstanding faculty and benchmark research centres are responsible for placing ISEG at the forefront of Economics, Management and Finance.
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Broaden your horizons.

Our mobility programs allow students to explore any part of the world while studying abroad for a semester.
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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Joseph E. Stiglitz

Programme Details

The Bachelor’s degree in Management comprises six semesters. In addition to the compulsory course units, the degree in Management also includes a diverse range of elective subjects in areas such as sustainability, social responsibility, business ethics, big data, digital marketing, social media, and international business. It also facilitates the ability to continue studies at the Masters’ level to strengthen knowledge in a specific area of Management (e.g., Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, or Information Systems).

The degree also offers the possibility to enrich your personal skills through complementary training in Soft Skills. During the 2nd Year you will have the opportunity to participate in UpSkill Week, where topics such as Oral and Written Communication, Teamwork, Ethics and Social Responsibility, and Career Planning and Development will be covered. In the 3rd Year, we challenge you to improve your critical thinking during Critical Thinking Week, where we will work together on developing topics such as Systemic Thinking, Sustainable Development Objectives, and also the Project-Action programme, with the objective to put into practice the knowledge acquired during your degree.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in challenges through games and simulators which will enable you to apply your knowledge gained from the degree in Management.

Study Plans

Year 1 *Semester
Economics I1
Mathematics I1
Principles of Management1
Quantitative Finance1
Economic and Business Information1
Economics II2
Mathematics II2
Financial Accounting I2
Foundations of Law2
Economic and Business History2

* The 1st Year of Economics is equal to the 1st Year of Management and Finance.

Year 2Semester
Financial Accounting II1
Statistics I1
Business Law1
Operational Marketing1
Information Technology1
Management Accounting2
Statistics II2
Corporate Finance I2
Strategic Marketing 2
Management Information Systems2
Year 3Semester
Corporate Finance II1
Operational Research1
Sociology of Work1
Elective Course Units1
Strategic Management2
Production and Operations Management2
Human Resources Management2
Economic Policy and Business Activity2
Elective Course Units2

3 Years
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Admissions & Fees

Admissions Requirements

Minimum application grade: 100 points (out of 200) based on:

  • Final grade from secondary school course: 50% 
  • Grade from university entrance exam(s): 50% 
  • Minimum grade in university entrance exams: 95 pontos

Required entry exams:

  • Mathematics A (19) or
  • Mathematics A (19) + Portuguese (18) or
  • Mathematics A (19) + Economics (04)

*Some international qualifications can be automatically recognised as equivalent. Please check with the Undergraduate Office for more information.

Admissions Conditions

Tuition Fee

Students fromFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
Within the European Union€ 697€ 697€ 697
Outside the European Union    € 4,500€ 4,500€ 4,500

Financial restrictions should never come in the way of your access to higher education, and that is why we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Student Visa

Se não és cidadão da UE, do EEE ou cidadão suíço, então necessitarás de um Visto de Estudante.

Depois de teres decidido juntar-te à licenciatura e pago a 1ª prestação de propinas para garantir o teu lugar, poderás emitir a carta de aceitação no Portal FENIX. Este documento será necessário, posteriormente, para solicitar um Visto de Estudante.

O visto de estudante deverá ser solicitado numa Embaixada mais próxima ou num posto consular português, no país de origem.

3 Years
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Professional Opportunities

ISEG’s Bachelor’s in Management prepares its students to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to the demands and challenges of the national and international labour market. The impressive track record of a rapid insertion into active professional life is proof of this. The surveys that recent graduates of ISEG are regularly subject to point to a level of employability of 90% during the 6 months after graduation (with 35% of students already being employed before they even complete their degree). ISEG graduates are employed in the major sectors of economic, financial, and business life, in particular:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Auditing and consulting
  • International economic and financial bodies
  • Senior management of industry and services
  • National or local public administration
  • Study centres and research and teaching institutions

The degree also creates the possibility for graduates to continue their education at the 2nd Cycle level, with the objective to strengthen functional specialisation (e.g., Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Information Systems).

3 Years
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