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Cooperation Agreements

>> Cooperation Protocols

Air Force Academy
military Academy
AESE Business School
AIESEC Portugal
AJEC_Association of Economics Journalists
APEX - Alliance for the Promotion of Excellence in Public Administration
Association of Professors of Economic and Social Sciences (APROCES)
Infante D.Henrique Award Association
Business Association of the Municipality of Sintra
Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts (APAF)
Portuguese Association of Market and Opinion Research Companies (APODEMO)
Portuguese Association of Accounting Technicians (APOTEC)
Competition Authority
Lisbon Food Bank
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Portugal), SA
International Credit Bank
Banco Santander Totta, SA
BNP Paribas – Corporate Investment Bank
BRISA – Motorways of Portugal, SA
Montepio Geral Savings Bank
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Chamber of Chartered Accountants (CTOC)
Lisbon City Hall
Cambridge Assessment English
Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics
Católica Porto Business School;
CCP - Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal
Torres Vedras Hospital Center
CIG – Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality
Club VII – Exploration of Health Clubs - Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda
Securities Market Commission (CMVM), IP
CPS_Centro Português de Serigrafia, Lda
Directorate-General for Qualification of Workers in Public Functions (INA)
Directorate General for Land and River Transport
Directorate General for Consumers
Regional Directorate for the Environment and Territorial Planning of the Algarve
Directorate-General for Land and River Transport
Directorate-General for Trade and Competition
E&Y – Ernest and Young, SA
EDP – Energias de Portugal, SA
ERSE – Regulatory Entity and Energy Services
Estoril Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism
Coimbra Higher School of Health Technology
Higher Nautical School Infante D. Henrique – ENIDH
Fine Arts School
Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
Faculty of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal
Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon
Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon
Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger
Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation
Viscount of Cairu Foundation-FVC
Office of the Secretary of State for Regional Development
GCP – Portuguese Club Gym
GRACE – Group for Reflection and Support for Corporate Citizenship
IDEFE – Institute for Economic, Financial and Business Development and Studies, Lda
iGen – Forum Organizations for Equality
INE – National Statistics Institute, IP
General Inspectorate of Education
Camões Institute, IP
Insurance Institute of Portugal, IP
National Institute of Industrial Property, IP
Polytechnic Institute of Tomar
Higher Institute of Agronomy of the University of Lisbon
Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration of Lisbon
Higher Institute of Education and Sciences
Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon
IPAI – Portuguese Institute of Internal Auditors
IPEF – Portuguese Institute of Financial Executives
ISCTE Executive Education
ISCTE/IUL - Higher Institute of Labor and Business Sciences
ISEG Junior Business Consulting
ISEL – Higher Institute of Engineering of Lisbon
IST – Instituto Superior Técnico
JMR – Jerónimo Martins
Estrela Parish Council
Marktest Investimentos, SA
McKinsey & Company
Mercer Human Resource Consulting – Human Resources, Ltd.
New – FCSH
NOVA IMS – Information Management School
Nova School of Business and Economics – Executive Education
new bank 
The Economic Journal
Operation Red Nose
The Order of Economists
Pestana Hotel Group
Porto Business School
PricewaterhouseCoopers & Associados – Society of Official Accountants, Lda.
PSE – Statistics Products and Services, Lda.
Renaissance Radio
Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon
General Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration
Sumol Compal, SA
TAP – Transportes Aereos Portugueses, SA
UAlg – University of Algarve
Open University
Universidade de Lisboa
European university
Willis Towers Watson- Corretores de Seguros SA
YES – ISEG Young Economics Society