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Seminars and Conferences

Seminar | Stimulating curiosity with a student-centred approach

26 Feb from 17:00 to 18:00
ISEG, Room 101 (New Quelhas)

A seminar on "Stimulating curiosity with a student-focused approach" will take place on the 26th February, whose speaker will be Professor Joanna Santiago (ISEG, Advance).

OAIP - ISEG's Observatory for Pedagogical Action and Innovation invites you to attend this seminar, which aims to disseminate good practices and educational experiences that respond to new pedagogical challenges.

Among the teaching methods applied in business schools, a student-centred approach is predominant, emphasising involvement, inspiration, and motivation. The teaching strategy focuses on the inclusion of practical examples and real-life cases to establish an interactive learning environment linked to the students' experiences and ambitions. By interweaving theoretical concepts with practical applications, the objective is to bridge the gap between classroom-based knowledge and real-world scenarios, providing students with insights that go beyond traditional lecture formats.

Come and attend this seminar at 17.00 in Room 101 (New Quelhas).

Free admission.