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Presentation session of the AFRO-PORT project at Culturgest

A Culturgest is promoting a cycle on the memories of the colonial period, welcoming people and projects from the fields of scientific research and artistic production. Within this framework, it presents September 26th, at 18.30, the debate African memories of Portugalwhere the project will be presented AFRO-PORT - Afro-descendants in Portugal: sociability, representations and socio-political and cultural dynamicsled by researcher Iolanda Évora (CESA/CSG/ISEG) and Inocência Mata, from the Center for Comparative Studies of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. 

We often hear the memories of Europeans about their experiences in Africa. But what about the memories of Africans during the colonial era? Through video interviews, we follow the experiences and perceptions of the people who lived in the colonial metropolis. We hear the stories of Africans, Afro-descendants and Afro-diasporans in Portugal, intensely marked by the denial of the fall of the empire after April 25. This will be followed by a debate with Julião Soares de Sousa (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century, University of Coimbra), Inocência Mata (Center for Comparative Studies, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon), Iolanda Évora (Center for Studies on Africa, Asia and Latin America, ISEG, University of Lisbon) and Carla Fernandes (AfroLis).

This meeting presents the results of the AFRO-PORT research projects  Afro-descendants in Portugal and  Memorialist Discourses and the Construction of History with the aim of recording oral memories about the history of colonialism and highlighting its importance in African and Portuguese history.

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