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Academic and Scientific Activities

Associations Week

ISEG brings all associations to its students through a week dedicated solely to them.

The Associations Week aims to present to the student community the 11 groups of ISEG students, from the most diverse areas, which are the link between students, some companies, voluntary entities, academic and professional life of all students.

The week where the main objective is to promote associations and bring together the best that ISEG has to offer will take place from October 23 to 29 and in addition to giving you the opportunity to be present at an association fair, you can get to know them through social networks.

Find out all about it on our instagram @iseglisbon .

October 23 to 26 - "What do you Know About Us?" - Online Activities (ISEG instagram)
October 27 - Associations Fair (10:00 - 17:00 - Floor 0 of the Francisco Pereira de Moura Library)
October 28th and 29th - Face to Face (lectures, in room, of the Associations)

Open to all students of all years and grades, no registration is required and it will be a great opportunity to get to know a little more about the 11 associations that will be present and to answer your questions. Many of them have open recruitment or are about to open, so there is no better time than now!

Thursday (28/10)
Pick up your card at the door of Auditoriums 4 and 5 to get your ticket stamped.

14:00 - Leap Ventures (Quelhas auditorium 4) & Tuna Económicas (Quelhas auditorium 5)
14:45 - ISEG JBC (aud.4 do Quelhas) & LIS (aud.5 do Quelhas)
15:30 - AIESEC (aud.4 do Quelhas) & IBC (aud.5 do Quelhas)
16:15 - SDUL (aud.4 do Quelhas) & MAIS (aud.5 do Quelhas)
17:00 - ISEG YES (aud.4 do Quelhas) & ISEG JTR (aud.5 do Quelhas)
17:45 - AEISEG (aud.4 do Quelhas)

Prize: In partnership with AEISEG, all students who attend 5 or more sessions are entitled to a drink at the AEISEG White Party that will take place immediately afterwards at K Urban Beach.

Friday (29/10)
Pick up your card at the door of Auditoriums 4 and 5 to get your ticket stamped if you don't already have one.

14:00 - AEISEG (aud.4 do Quelhas)
14:45 - ISEG JTR (aud.4 do Quelhas) & ISEG YES (aud.5 do Quelhas)
15:30 - Tuna Económicas (aud.4 do Quelhas) & Leap Ventures (aud.5 do Quelhas)
16:15 - IBC (aud.4 do Quelhas) & AIESEC (aud.5 do Quelhas)
17:00 - ISEG JBC (aud.4 do Quelhas) & LIS (aud.5 do Quelhas)
17:45 - SDUL (aud.4 do Quelhas) & MAIS (aud.5 do Quelhas)

Prize: Accumulated from both days, there will be prizes from ISEG for those who succeed:
7 sessions - 3rd ISEG Prize
9 sessions - 2nd ISEG Prize
11 sessions - ISEG Super Prize (includes a Backpack 😉 )