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Undergraduate inEconomics

The Degree in Economics at ISEG combines, in a unique way, three essential aspects for the formation of an economist:

  • Solid training in economic theory;
  • Great interdisciplinarity with complementary areas of economics (management, mathematics, law, sociology and history);
  • Domain of instruments for analysis of economic reality.

The combination of these aspects, added to the possibility for students to choose optional subjects to deepen areas of their personal interest, means that the Degree in Economics at ISEG has a high standard of quality, widely recognized by the market, where our graduates easily find employment in private or state organizations.

3 years
Initial Vacancies
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With this degree you will learn:

Making forecasts and studies on the evolution of the main economic indicators

How the economy of your country and the world works

How you can contribute to a more sustainable economy in the future

What do you want to specialize in in the future (if you don't already know...)

The bases for being able to one day become governor of a central bank? Economy minister? or finances? Who knows…

Teaching at ISEG is not limited to passing on information, it teaches us how to receive information: receive it, question it and apply it. So far, it has provided me with good experiences, opportunities to participate in projects and teams, and introduced me to people who have gone from strangers to teammates and lifelong friends. Deep down, Economics at ISEG is precisely what I wanted for my career. On the one hand, it will enrich me academically, with knowledge and learning, and on the other hand, it will bring me personal growth and development, preparing me for what happens after the certificate.
Cristiano Mota Duarte
Joining ISEG has always been a great personal goal. Despite having entered the second phase and during the pandemic, which made our experience as first-year students a little different than expected, my testimony is quite positive. Thanks to the effort on the part of ISEG and a spirit of mutual help and unity that is felt in the Isegu community, we were able to have a sample of what a semester free of COVID-19 would be like. I am aware that I couldn't be happier with my choice, I know that at ISEG I will experience remarkable moments and that this stage will be very enriching on a personal and professional level.
Emma Lima


It is the ideal place for those who want to make history and always be in the front group. For more than a century, ISEG has formed generations of successful leaders and professionals.
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Broaden your horizons.

We are one of the most popular destinations in Portugal for exchange programs and our mobility programs offer students the possibility to study anywhere in the world for a semester.
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Your partner in achieving your career goals. Our consultants guarantee you all the necessary support, in the form of sharing job opportunities and helping you prepare for your job search or find an internship.
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Program Details

The Degree in Economics from ISEG prepares its students to respond effectively and efficiently to the demands and challenges of the national and international labor market.

Professional Opportunities

ISEG graduates are prepared to meet the demands of the national and international job market. This is confirmed by the results of surveys regularly carried out by ISEG to recent graduates, which indicate a quick and effective insertion into active professional life, as around 35% of students are already employed before the end of their degree and after 6 months the employability level is 90%.

At ISEG, priority is always given to training with the aim of placing them in the job market, providing students with the most appropriate skills to carry out their activity in multiple professional opportunities.

ISEG graduates are employed in the main sectors of economic, financial and business life, namely in the following domains and areas of professional practice:

  • banking
  • Insurance
  • auditing and consulting
  • International economic and financial organizations
  • Management of companies in industry and services
  • National or local public administration
  • teaching and research


Year 1*Semester
Calculation and Financial Instruments 1
Economics I 1
Economic and Business History1
Introduction to Management 1
Mathematics I1
Analysis of Corporate Economic Information 2
General Accounting I2
Economics II2
Introduction to Law 2
Mathematics II2

* 1st year of Management equal to the 1st year of Economics

year 2Semester
Statistics I1
Financial management1
Macroeconomics I1
Microeconomics I1
Economy and Public Finance2
Monetary and Financial Economics2
Statistics II2
Macroeconomics II2
Microeconomics II2
Year 3Semester
International economy1
Project Evaluation2
Industrial and Business Economy2

* Optional 30 ECTS
– Conditional electives of the Economics Area – minimum 18 ECTS
– Free electives – 12 ECTS

3 years
Initial Vacancies
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Admissions and Fees

Applications for all degrees at ISEG are made online.

Access Requirements

Minimum application score 100 points with the following weightings: 

  • Secondary education average: 50% 
  • entrance exams: 50% 
  • Minimum score for entrance exams: 95 points

entrance exams 

  • Mathematics A (19) or 
  • Mathematics A (19) + Portuguese (18) or 
  • Mathematics A (19) + Economics (04)

Access Regimes

tuition fees

students from 1st year2nd year3rd year
Students within the EU€ 697€ 697€ 697
Students outside the EU (International)  € 4,500€ 4,500 4,500

We believe that financial restrictions should not impede access to higher education and that is why we seek to provide equal opportunities for all.

Student visa 

If you are not an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen then you will need a Student Visa.

Once you have decided to join the degree and paid the 1st installment of tuition fees to guarantee your place, you can issue the letter of acceptance on the FENIX Portal. This document will be required later on to apply for a Student Visa.

The student visa must be requested at the nearest Embassy or at a Portuguese consular post in the country of origin.

3 years
Initial Vacancies
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