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CSG Café-Ciência | Nobel Prize in Economics - 2023: Claudia Godin's contribution

Nov 20 from 15:00 to 16:00
ISEG, Novo Banco Lecture Theatre (Quelhas)

Another CSG Café-Ciência event will be held on the 20th November, at 16.00, this time on the contributions of Claudia Goldin, a researcher and Nobel Prize for Economics in 2023 laureate.

The debate will be moderated by Elisabete Miranda, an Expresso journalist and an ISEG alumna. The panel includes contributions from researchers and professors Elsa Fontainha (ISEG/CEsA/CSG) from the perspective of Economics, Sara Falcão Casaca (ISEG/ SOCIUS/CSG) from the perspective of Economic and Organisational Sociology, and Antonio Mendonça, a professor from ISEG's Department of Economics.

This event, which is organised by the CSG, in collaboration with ISEG's Department of Economics, is part of the Science and Technology Week 2023 programme, which is promoted annually by Ciência Viva, the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, which this year runs from the 20th to the 26th November throughout the country.

Free admission, subject to the number of seats available according to the room's capacity.