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Open Class | Russian Language and Culture Course

11 Dec 18:30
Room 105, F2
SOCIUS, Research Centre for Economic and Organizational Sociology, invites you to attend the open class of the Russian Language and Culture Course, which will take place today, Thursday, November 11, at 18h30 in room 105 F2 of ISEG - Edifício Francesinhas II.
The syllabus of the Russian Language and Culture Course, level 1 (beginner), includes the following subjects:
1) Introduction to Russian history, geography and culture; the Cyrillic alphabet; the situation of the Russian language in its history and at present.
2) Themes (speaking and writing):
- the forms of greeting;
- Russian patronymics;
- cities and countries, nationalities and languages;
- the family; spaces and objects in the home and classroom;
- the parts of the day, the days of the week, the months and the seasons;
- colors, numbers and sizes;
- professions and daily activities;
- money, values and prices.
3) Grammar:
- the simple sentence (affirmative, interrogative and negative);
- gender and number of nouns;
- personal, possessive, demonstrative and interrogative pronouns;
- the adjectives in the various cases;
- regular verbs of the 1st and 2nd conjugations in the Present and Past tense.
- ordinal numerals;
- syntagmatic order and syntactic functions in simple sentence analysis.
The course will take place at ISEG-ULisboa from 18h30 to 20h, on Tuesdays (room 205 F2) and Thursdays (room 105 F2).
After attending the open class, you can register until Friday, November 12.
The total cost of the course is 240 € (paid in four monthly installments of 60 € or in full after registration).
Further information: or 213925914 / 213925910