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ISEG’s Alumni include high profile professionals working in top companies and institutions all over the world. The initiative and involvement of the Alumni Association have helped make our alumni network the largest and most respected in the country.

Paulo Macedo

Management Undergraduate, CEO Caixa Geral de Depósitos

“The School that we graduated from – our alma mater – played a very special role. I am proud to say today that I studied at ISEG – where I learned relevant subjects, made friends for life, read books that I would never have read otherwise, learned to work in teams, managed to pass systematic exams and learned how to start all over again every six months. I am grateful and am in debt to our School for all of this, and for much more that Económicas has given me.”

Carlos Rodrigues

Economics Undergraduate, Chairman Banco BIG

“ISEG is the greatest reference for the study of economics and finance in Portugal. Nowadays ISEG is a university that has become dynamic, digitalised, and modernised, and which is educating first choice students who are certain to be leaders of the future.”

Madalena Cascais Tomé

MAEG Undergraduate, CEO SIBS Forward Payments Systems

“ISEG is making a difference and of forming the curious minds of those managers and economists who are destined to build Portugal’s future.”

Pedro Castro Almeida

Management Undergraduate, CEO Banco Santander Portugal

“It is with great pride that I belong to the family of ISEG, which has nurtured so many and such good talents in this country. I feel highly aligned with the vision and values of this school: a vision of contributing to the economic and social development of our country and the values of diversity and ethical plurality, as well as social responsibility and all the intellectual freedom that has always characterised this school.”

Sandra Vera-Cruz

Management Undergraduate, Country Manager Coca-Cola Portugal

“School is not just about what we learn in lectures – but it is also about networking and engaging with different people, learning while collaborating with others, sharing opinions, or just listening. I experienced all this at ISEG: the combination of technical skills with soft skills which enabled my development both as a professional and as a person.”

Ana Luísa Virginia

Management Undergraduate, CFO do Grupo Jerónimo Martins

“I am very grateful to ISEG for the lessons, the knowledge, the opportunities and friendships.”

Ana Torres

Management Undergraduate, Cluster Lead para Western Europe / Pfizer

“This school is distinguished by its tradition of the plurality of ideas in contributing to the knowledge of economics, finance, and business. Here’s to ISEG continuing to create value and innovate.” 

Alumni Económicas

ISEG is home to the largest association of economics and management alumni in the country – Alumni Económicas.

The ISEG Alumni Association was created in 1991 and aims to continue and foster the relationships of these former students with their alma mater and streamline ongoing training for former students. 

The ISEG Alumni Association – Alumni Económicas – was founded in 1991 and aims to maintain and encourage the relationship between these alumni and their alma mater and to streamline all ongoing training for alumni.

To this end, it organises various conferences and seminars throughout the year and promotes a mentoring programme for final year students and recent alumni of the School.

The anniversary of ISEG’s foundation is held every year, on the 24th of May, when the Association celebrates the “ISEG and Alumnus Day” together with the School, in the form of an official ceremony and awards a prize to the two alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers in economics, politics, and society, or in the fields of management and entrepreneurship.

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