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ISEG Programmes   PhD



Undertaking a PhD means studing at the boundary of knowledge, seeking to contributing to its advancement, and doing so in an academic environment in where knowledge is shared, ideas and methods are discussed and where there is always someone with whom you can share your common interest. This is why ISEG programmes have to offer. Now, the choice is yours.



PhDs in English 

Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management  Development Studies  Economics


PhDs in portuguese

Gestão  História Económica e Social  Sociologia Económica e das Organizações


FCT PhD Scholarship

The PhD candidates at ISEG can apply for the PhD scholarships offered by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) for each new academic year.


Research Units 

Each PhD programm is attached to the ISEG research unit most relevant to their field of study. All research centres have been accredited and received positive ratings from the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT).


CSG - Research in Social Sciences and Management REM - Research in Economics and Mathematics

CSG is a consortium created in 2013 and aggregates four research units in the fields of Economic Sociology, Economic History, Development Studies and Management:

REM is a consortium created in 2017 and aggregates two research units in the fields of Economics and Mathematics.